Getting to Know: Mocho

When I was thinking through the types of characters I wanted to include in the Spot of Mummery story, I knew I wanted at least one Lalafell in the cast. While I could have gone with the sweet little girl Lala, Zuri already had that type of personality, so I wanted something different.

I decided to make this Lala a little older than the rest of them, and one who heard the calling of adventure later in life. His dream from youth was to become a Paladin, though he was merely a weaver, and joining Amon’s team was the first step to realizing that.

I was using a random name generator (as I tend to) to figure out what his name would be. Mocho Mayucho came up, and I really liked the sound of it. So I Googled both words – I tend to do this with words that are unfamiliar just so I don’t pick something that has a bad meaning in another language or in slang – and saw that pictures of owls consistently came up for “Mocho.”

Turns out, “mocho” is the Portuguese word for “owl.” I was quite pleased by this, and did my best to make his character design a bit more owl like -at least in the hair.

Who is Mocho?

As I noted above, Mocho is a middle-aged Lalafell who discovered his Echo later in life. He was hired for his unassuming appearance and laid-back personality by Gridania (who knew Amon’s identity) to keep an eye on Amon throughout the early storyline. Basically, he’s the last person you’d expect to be a spy.

Despite this, he eventually does become one of Amon’s friends and FC mates. He’s a fun character because he tends to be like the Dad of the group (even if Amon is technically older than Mocho).

Mocho does eventually work his way into Paladin-hood, achieving the beginning of his long-time dream.

Though I really enjoy the concept of Mocho’s character, I don’t play tank classes in FFXIV, so I don’t often play him in game. In fact, during a bit of character shuffling, I did move him to my back-up FC on Coeurl to move a more often played character to the main FC on Mateus. However, he’s still a character I want to include in future story on down the line.

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