Getting to Know: Koh

When working through the Spot of Mummery story, I wanted to have at least one character who was aware of Amon’s identity. While I had not planned to include Koh in the roster from the start, this was one of those things that just sorta happened as I was writing the first story arc. She’s become a staple of the story ever since.

Who is Koh?

Koh is an NPC stationed in Mor Dhona in FFXIV. She’s part of a quest line that you get after you finish the Crystal Tower raid series – originally, this unlocked a repeatable quest that encouraged people to run all three raids every week for rewards. I doubt anyone actually does this quest anymore, but during 2.0, Koh was a known weekly.

She’s a young researcher who works for the Sons of Saint Coinach – the group who studies Allagan artifacts and assisted with opening up Syrcus Tower. When Koh went inside the Tower with her fellow researchers, she discovered an orb that contained the spirit of the ancient Archmagus Noah.

Noah’s spirit possessed Koh, and appears to be able to take control of Koh at will. It’s Noah who actually sends you on the weekly quest, and in game, you never get to speak with an unpossessed Koh. However, the Lore Book indicates that Koh does regain control of herself, though she remains possessed by Noah – a storyline that has never been resolved in game.

Koh and Noah are as different as north and south. Noah displayed great passion toward both her research and apprentices, and was known to oft behave with wild abandon. Indeed, it appears that the imprisonment of her spirit was the result of an uncontrolled bout of simple curiosity.

Koh, by contrast, is a woman as timid as she is shy. When the archmagus returns control of her body – usually after an extended night of drink and debauchery – the Keeper of the Moon is in a constant state of fluster, owing to the excess attention Noah commands while she is in control. 

(Referenced from Encyclopedia Eorzea, Page 200)

I thought this was a fascinating foundation for a pair of characters we know next to nothing about, and so, I chose to explore Koh and Noah in the Spot of Mummery writing. It’s possible that I’ll eventually find a way to separate the two in a future story line, as I do have a Noah character in my back-up FC if I ever do!

Thus far, I’ve worked Koh as a Summoner/Scholar up to level 70, and have plans to have her try out Sage once Endwalker drops. She’s posed and ready to go into Shadowbringers with the new job, so we’ll see how it goes!

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