Getting to Know: Ajir

Getting to Know Me week might be over with, but I still have a couple characters left to talk about!

Ajir is an odd one. I originally created him to be a foil to Amon – someone somewhat grounded, grouchy, and not easily given to Amon’s charms. He played a big part of the Coming Together storyline, but after that, I was at a loss as to what to do with him in terms of character development. So I ended up writing him out of the story, while leaving it open for him to come back if I wanted him to.

Originally, he was named Ajir Kha, and acted as a Samurai main. But when I moved him out of the story, I also decided to move him out of the FC and to another server. When I went to re-roll him, the name Ajir Kha was already taken on that server – and I wanted to keep him with the rest of my characters. It also bugged me a bit that someone else thought up the same name as my character, so I changed his clan to Moks.

This actually worked in his favor – it even explained his name change! The lore around this clan is:

A tribe invisible for the fact that its members are spread out across many different tribes (unbeknownst to those tribes). Communication between its members is done on the rare occasion when two tribes meet, through an ancient set of hand signals only recognizable by those who know what they are looking for.

And this inspired a new kind of backstory for him – I won’t give it away because I still have yet to write it!

I do know that I want him to take up Reaper once Endwalker launches – he looks like he’d be a perfect Reaper! And it could further complicate his backstory to do so – in a good way!

So, I eventually moved him back to the main FC with plans to re-instate his character into the Spot of Mummery story after Endwalker drops. He’s already made his way a short bit into Shadowbringers, so I’ve stopped leveling him for the time being so that I can use that experience for Reaper.

I’m interested in seeing how his character develops from here!

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