Getting to Know: Tad

This is the final Getting To Know Me post since the week is long over and this is the last character I want to write about. Tad is also one of the newest characters who is only loosely connected with the Spot of Mummery story as I haven’t figured out yet how in the world I’m going to attach him to the story, if ever.

So while everyone is happily making their Azem-Warrior-of-Light character, the way I have my characters set up, I simply don’t have one. I kinda wanted one, but I didn’t want my WoL to have the same backstory everyone else did – meaning, following the MSQ of the game.

So along comes Tad.

He’s an Allagan forest Elezen born at the end of the Third Astral Era, and is also Amon’s younger cousin. I’d originally created him as backstory and exploration of Amon’s past, but as it tends to happen, I really liked Tad and wanted to find a way to keep him around somehow.

As time passed, I began to humor the idea that Tad not only survived the calamity that took down the Allagan Empire, but that this event also woke his Echo, and that he was the WoL from the 3rd/4th Age. Afterall, when a civilization as advanced as Allag is suddenly crushed and turned to dust, left in an apocalyptic state of survival (that much of the people who had only lived in luxury were not ready to face) – that would be a time more than any that a Warrior of Light was needed.

So I began to explore some stories that I call Tales from the 4th Age. I haven’t gotten very far with them because I’m still undecided where I want to take it and if I want to somehow connect it to Amon’s story in the future. I’m also going back and forth on what format to create it in.

In game, Tad is a member of the main FC. He’s a level 80 Machinist who is geared and ready to take on Endwalker when it drops!

I still have a lot to develop with this character, and I’m looking forward to finally figuring out how all the pieces fit together.

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know: Tad

  1. I am slightly fascinated by the number of characters you seem to have in-game. Do you actively play on them all? Do you boost any of them in any way? I can’t for the life of me find the time to play more than one character, even though I desperately wished I could level up at least one more… *sad face*

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  2. This is going to be a long answer, so strap in. I’ve been playing since 2013 without a pause in my sub, so I’ve had lots of time to play many characters. Some I obviously play more than others, but I have played all of them to some extent.

    I do use boosts, mostly because I’ve played through Stormblood so many times already that I’m done with it. XD

    I skip to Shadowbringers (when it’s on sale) because Trusts allow me to play through the expansion without forced grouping – with the exception of trials, of course. I’m really not a fan of dungeon running, so anything that makes it easier to get through without grouping is a help to me.

    – Benjamin Ya – My main. Never boosted nor skipped. Level 80 in everything except BLU, which is level 70. Finished, waiting on Endwalker.

    – Tsuya Tai – Never boosted nor skipped. Level 80 Dragoon, finished and waiting on Reaper.

    – Amon D’syrcus – Level boosted him to 70 Bard, never skipped the story, though. The boost was to get me through ARR dungeon content without grouping. Finished, waiting on Endwalker.

    – Tad Kouris – I can’t remember, I think I at least Story Skipped to Shadowbringers. Finished, waiting on Endwalker.

    – Koh Rabntah – Story skipped to Shadowbringers but leveled Scholar/Summoner from level 1 to 70. Waiting on Sage to start Shadowbringers.

    – Sebastian Kitasch – Story skipped to Shadowbringers, currently leveling his Dancer so he can start the expansion. Currently level 64, Alliance Roulettes almost every night. 🙂

    – Ajir Moks – Story skipped to Shadowbringers, might have level boosted a job back when the boost was to 60 (he’s a repurposed character, so can’t remember). Waiting on Reaper to play through Shadowbringers.

    – Zuri Nimat – Probably level boosted her Bard, can’t remember. But then went Dancer with her. Didn’t story skip – she’s level 80 and still currently working on finishing Shadowbringers.

    Various characters on another server – many of them have boosts or skips, depending, but they don’t get played as often. I’m a sucker for boosts and skips when they go on sale, but in my defense, I’ve played the story through too many times as it is. I see skipping to Shadowbringers worth the cost as it increases my fun in the game due to Trusts taking the stress of forced-grouping off my shoulders.

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