Ask Amon Has Arrived!

As I continue to work on making this WordPress the central home for Amon’s content, I’ve finally sat down and rigged up something that I missed most from the Tumblr platform – An Ask Box.

Lately, I’ve been focusing a lot more of my time and interaction on this blog and at Amon’s Twitter account. Once August is over and I’ve finished up all the more OOC posts I’ve been making, I’m thinking about how to bring the content on this blog back to focusing on Amon’s stories and adventures. I especially want to write things from his point of view and less OOC once more.

To help facilitate that and get back into the practice, I set up an Ask Page so that anyone from any platform can send an ask, which he will then answer here on this blog. I’ll be Tweeting out and Tagging folks with the post, depending on where the Ask came from.

Answered asks will show up below the Ask form, and I’ve even linked a random question generator for folks who want to ask something but don’t know what to ask.

Hope to see your questions!

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