Ask Amon: I gotta know! How big is your hat collection? :D

Fashion Enthusiast asks: I gotta know! How big is your hat collection? 😀

Mayhaps not as large as you might suspect. I tend to gravitate to a specific type of hat in general – the more elegant and more feathers the better!

And then, some hats I keep because I find them unusual – you can never tell when you might need an unusual hat for a costume or another sport. Other hats I keep because they are part of a set, but I don’t always intend to use them. It feels wrong not to keep an entire set, you know?

Here’s a look into my dresser:

((Note: This doesn’t include hats in Amon’s armoire – event, veteran rewards and seasonal stuff – that was too much to take shots of. Suffice to say, he has a lot more than this, but these are the ones he’s purposely collected.))

Taking a look at this, it seems I may have a few replicated hats I could clean out. I am getting a little antsy seeing that I’ve almost filled my dresser at this point. And that’s even with having sorted through my clothes not too long back!

I will admit one other thing, however… I own three copies of Amon’s Hat. One in my dresser, one on my housing mannequin and one I’ve entrusted to my retainer, just in case. You can never tell!

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