Rainbow Diamond Award – Blaugust Aftermath

As of yesterday, Blaugust came to a close, and today awards were given for all the hard work done. I clocked in at 31 official posts, which was what was required to earn the spiffy Rainbow Diamond award seen above! Isn’t it lovely?

So here’s my final thoughts on the experience of hosting Blaugust on a secondary blog as I did this year. The idea behind it was to get this blog some exposure with folks who didn’t know of it before. This was successful – I was able to start a little blog roll and exchange links with other bloggers. I know I had readers stop by here that I didn’t have before, as well, and I’m excited for that!

Out of Character Content

Writing for Blaugust meant that I strayed from the normal content that I’d typically post here. Overall, while I met my goals and hopefully provided content that was helpful to others, it was just a little weird for me.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this. This blog is supposed to be a reflection of the character’s persona (Amon) that I play in FFXIV. However, most of the blogger crew that participated in Blaugust know me by my blogging net name and (rightfully so) saw that as the author of these posts.

The content that I wrote was greatly out of character – I’m even considering moving some of it to my main blog now that post count has been weighed in, and keeping only what is relevant to the characters of this blog. In the future, I think I’ll keep my Blaugust efforts on my main blog, too.

Coming Back In Character

Going forward, I’m thinking hard about how to bring this blog back to its in-character roots again. I’ve already been working to back-date a bulk of the story posts and the look-back-at posts, as I’d intended. I have a lot more cleanup on my list to do, as well.

Aside from that, I really want to get back into the creative storytelling side of things. That’s something that I decided while I was in the middle of writing for Blaugust. I’ve got a few ideas on how to tackle that, especially given that it’s been a while since I’ve written a new addition to the Spot of Mummery story (which was what this blog was intended to be about).

Saying Farewell to Tumblr

I also finally put my thoughts into writing about packing away my Tumblr account and making this blog officially the main home of Amon and friends. I think this will be a good move for me.

I was discussing this last night and finally stumbled upon the issue that I have when it comes to Tumblr. It’s the fact that if you start a creative project on Tumblr, it’s always, always, always tied to the social media aspect of the site. Because that’s what Tumblr is.

This is great as long as the social media part is going well. But the moment there’s drama or trouble, and the social side of Tumblr itself becomes sour, that ends up demotivating and taking away from the original creative project. The project is what ends up suffering or being put aside because of this.

I’ve decided that it’s much better for me to separate my creative project from my social media. Creating on WordPress and then posting it out on social media, like Twitter or Instagram, keeps that line of separation. If unhappy things start happening on the social account, that doesn’t immediately take away from the creativity of the project because they don’t share the same space.

I’m not sure if that makes sense. But now that I’ve finally come to that conclusion, I’m going to move forward with what I’ve learned from this.

Anyhow, this was just me rambling about the future of this blog and the things I want to do with it. Once I sort it out and take a little break from all the blogging, I’ll be back with some new creative stuff to read!

Congrats to all Blaugust participants!

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