FFXIV Art: Tad and Ben

I was still in an art mood after I finished the Amon art I drew yesterday, so I used the momentum to draw both Tad and Ben.

I’ve never drawn Tad in this style before, and I’m not very good at drawing guns of any sort. But he’s on my mind with this upcoming story I want to write with him, so I decided to sketch him anyhow!

As for Ben…

I’ve drawn Ben in this style plenty for the Wayrift webcomic. But this is the first shot I’ve had at drawing him in the new glamour I set up for him recently.

I did modify a few things about his outfit a bit – mostly because his tiara and boots are signature aspects of his character. I could only just get something that was similar to what he’d usually wear when I set up the glamour in game. The top and pants go quite well for him, however, so I’m happy with this!

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