FFXIV: The Firmament Release

Originally Posted: March 10, 2020 – March 19, 2020

Amon launches into the Firmament content during the initial release and the first season.

Welcome to the Diadem…

♫ I’m on an island and I’m digging a hole

Diggy, diggy hole, diggy, diggy hole ♫

A Dhalmel’s Dhalmel!

I Know You Didn’t Just Say Something About My Hat!

Amon wants to trade his bow in now…

Adopted a Spiffy New Pup Tonight!

“Don’t tell Scylla… 

“Hey, fellas! Stop the bickering!”

Amon’s Over Here Judging Your Muffins

“Might just need one more bite to be able to tell better…”

Kupo Was Kind

After many griffins tonight, Amon finally got lucky.

Still Life On the Beach With Bread and Dhalmels

Amon continued to be lucky at Kupo last night and got an extra /bread and mount, which he gifted to Scylla.  Judging Allagans Judge Your Bread.

Paissa Wonders…

…isn’t Amon cold? 

Nope! A thousand fires of crafting and gathering burn within him!

Another Dhalmel’s Dhalmel

Amon just keeps winning them… so he gave one to his cousin.

’Tis a Soft New Friend!

It’s also incredibly adorable! I saved up for this first, so now I still need to get all the other emotes, etc. But it was worth it!

Fleecefoot is Ready to Go!

Exploring Diadem on a floofy new friend!

Kupo Crown!

What? You Think Allagans Can’t Enjoy a Good Book?

Read emote get!

Forward Crafters!

New apron sporting the new red dye. Of course, he couldn’t give up the goggles, though.

No, Really. It Was Like That When I Found It!

I can already see that the /insist emote is going to be useful for RP screenshots!

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