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Amon D'Syrcus
Bard, Performer & Technologist


After the Great Raid

He's the fallen Allagan Technomancer, Amon, seeking to reclaim his former glory in Eorzea. However, not everything is going as he planned.

Please note that this is not Fandaniel, but rather the fragment of Amon that was left in Syrcus Tower. Please check out my headcanons to understand how this works with the changes to official 6.0 lore, if you're curious!

In order to survive his fall in the raid on Syrcus Tower, the fragment of Amon's soul was then embedded into a clone of his younger self so that he could fit into the modern world of Eorzea. However, this form was too weak to channel the power he once commanded in his previous life, and the ritual used to revive him had detrimental effects, including sealing away the use of his aether.

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Characer Stats

Age: Unknown, Looks deceptively young

Name Day: 32nd Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon (December 31st)

Birthplace: Unknown, Possibly somewhere in the modern-day Shroud

Residence:  Shirogane - FC House (Source), Lavender Beds - Tea and Tomes Shop (Source), Syrcus Tower Chambers - Crystarium (First)

Gender: Male

Race: Elezen

Height: 6'10" (208cm)

Weight: 224lbs (101kg)

Eyes: Gold

Hair: Silver

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

I've included a brief summary of Amon's time living in Eorzea, however, to get the full picture, check out the Spot of Mummery and Forge Ahead stories!

Life in Eorzea

Amon made a home for himself within a Shirogane-based Free Company. There, he assisted the FC with minor missions and odd jobs to help support it. He also sometimes busked for a little gil on the side.

Aether Seal

Things were going well for Amon as he adjusted to life with his new FC... until he had a chance run-in with the dragon Midgardsormr. With a mind to put the Allagan to a test, the elder dragon unlocked the seal on Amon's aether. Once released, the corrupted and wild nature of his life energy became an increasing danger to himself. This was temporarily held in check by a aether filter built into a choker created for him. But it was clear, if something was not done, the aether would eventually consume him.

Rivals and Schemes

Aside from the aether issue, Amon's life was mostly peaceful until the discovery of his once-rival the Allagan Archmage, Scylla. Imitating Amon's clone project, Scylla also managed to survive the raid in the Tower by transferring her soul into a clone of herself. However, the imperfect nature of the transfer left her temporarily without memory of her past.

Seeing this, Amon took advantage of Scylla's amnesia to persuade her to travel to Syrcus Tower. He saught to use her royal blood as means of unlocking the Tower, with all intentions of transferring the power of the royal blood to himself afterwards.

Only... the Tower did not open for Scylla. Instead, she was granted memories of her past. In realizing she had been caught up in Amon's scheme, she struck at him viciously, thinking at first to punish him for all of the agony the Technologist put her through in their past lives.

However, Scylla was unable to go through with her revenge, and instead, both Allagans were apprehended and taken back to their Free Company. They were placed under the watch of Benjamin Ya, by orders of the Gridanian Council, and also banned from Azys Lla and Mor Dhona.

The Aether Purge

Trained as a healer during her time in Gridania, Scylla struggled with her healer's instincts as they clashed with her desire to strike back against her old rival. However, in the end, she assisted Amon in building the aether transferal device that would eventually carry out the procedure that saved his life.

Amon survived the aether procedure, but at great price. His road to recovery was long as he had to allow natural aether restoration processes take place. The once powerful and proud Allagan Technologist found himself having to rely upon the kindness of others to do the most simple of day-to-day things.

Life Anew

As a result of the near-death experience, Amon swore off his endless struggle to return to the Tower and regain his previous power and status. But turning over a new leaf, even for him, was not a clear-cut path.

On top of it all, he discovered a new and unusual feeling for his once hated rival, Scylla. Bearing witness to her selflessness, courage and dedication, he couldn't help but admire her... or maybe the feeling was something more than merely admiration (?)

With his natural aether beginning to grow in strenth once more, Amon took up learning the art of Red Magery. This... turned out to be more complex than he anticipated. His interactions with Scylla also inspired him to seek knowledge on the way of White Magics - though whether this was out of a desire to prove himself to her and win her approval is still unknown.

Forge Ahead

Things were getting frazzled in Eorzea by this time, with the talk of the End of Days around every corner. Amon began to have uneasy dreams about his cousin, Tad Kouris, whom he left behind in the Allagan age. Sure enough, beyond all impossibility, Tad did appear, as the dreams foretold.

Tad brought grim news - information that he wanted Amon to hear straight from him, rather than from some wandering rumor. First, Amon learned that his younger cousin, once a member of the Allagan Resistance, went on to become the Warrior of Light of the 4th age. If that wasn't enough, Amon discovered that he had lived all this time in Eorzea, and his final days in Syrcus Tower, unkowningly as a clone of the real Amon.

Torn with insecurity and struggling with a crisis of identity, Amon found only further confusion when he overheard talk of the Ascian Fandaniel being linked to himself - or rather, his maker. Determined to seek out the truth behind his creation, he requested clarification from Tad. That's when he discovered that his cousin has the ability to enter Syrcus Tower, a location that might hold the answers Amon is looking for.

Much to his surprise, Tad agreed to take him to the Tower - the very place that Amon has longed to return. Only, unknown to the bard, this version of Syrcus Tower was located in a reflection of the Source, called the First.

Into the Tower

Tad successfully helped Amont travel to the First, where they both explored the Crystarium. Here, Amon saw a world in which the Tower has found its intended potential as hope for the people, something he yearns for in his own world.

Though they had some trouble gaining access to the Tower by approved means, this did not deter Amon. Finding a secret path inside, Tad and Amon made their way to Amon’s old chambers, where he once lived during his time as an Allagan Technologist. There, they made camp, and Amon set about restoring some of the technical functionality of the structure.

Much to Amon’s delight, he found that the Tower not only seemed to recognize him, but surprisingly responded to his requests. He also discovered his old Node companion, and was able to render it functional again.

While Amon’s focus was on restoring the old tech in the Tower in order to seek information from the Allagan databases, Tad was more concerned with how they might return to the Source. Much to his relief, he ran across Ben who, as an interdimensional traveller (it’s a long story), was able to set up a permanent rift portal between the Tower and the Source.

However, what neither Amon nor Tad were aware of, was that Scylla had also followed them to the First…

Current Status

Amon can now travel between the FC house in Shirogane and his chambers at the top of Syrcus Tower in the First. He is currently searching for information about the Ascian involvement in Allagan history - Fandaniel in particular. He continues to struggle with the concept that he’s the clone of the original Amon. He ultimately seeks to understand what he is, and why his creator betrayed the Empire that he dearly loved.


Abilities and Knowledge

Amon's skills range from bard performance to magic arts and the inner workings of Allagan technology. Some things he's a bit more experienced in than others, though.

  • 100%
  • 100%
  • 90%
  • 85%
  • 80%
    Performing Arts
  • 75%
  • 65%
  • 60%
    Red Magic
  • 40%
    White Magic


Amon Gallery

Screenshots of the troublemaking bard.

Amon and Cadu

My friend, Cadu!

White Mage

Amon reaches level 80 White Mage!

Azys Lla

Who let Amon loose in Azys Lla?

Riding Home

Maybe one day, the gates will throw wide.

Lovely Bird Friend

Finding happiness anew.

Glamour Shot

This was Amon's newest glamour in 2021, before Endwalker launched.

That Jacket

A lot of Praetoriums were run in the process of getting this glamour.

Amon and Scylla

A sweet shot of Amon and Scylla enjoying each other's companionship.

Crystal R&D Lab

It's top secret!

Just Scrolling

Have Tomestone, will scroll.

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Amon's Tea and Tomes

You enter a cozy tea room where soft music drifts to meet your ears. On one side, you see a wide wooden stage that's draped with long curtains of red and gold. The other side of the room hosts several short, round tables and comfy chairs which welcome you to sit and stay a while. Various small sandwiches and delicious looking snacks have been carefully arranged.

If you're looking for a Tome Accessment, click here!

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Mateus, Crystal Data Center

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