How it feels to face Amon on Syrcus Tower?

Healer from The Black Shroud asks: How it feels to face Amon on Syrcus Tower?

I'm a bit confused, my friend. I am Amon of Syrcus Tower, you see. Just don't tell anyone!

Author's Answer

Hey there, Healer! I'm going to jump in to answer this since due to game lore and the Tower being closed, Amon can't actually go back into Syrcus Tower. Nor can he actually fight himself if you follow canon timelines. FFXIV itself bends its own rules by doing something funky like saying we're going back into the WoL memories every time we run a ST raid... don't remember exactly.

So, he can't tell you how it feels to fight himself, but I can tell you how it feels as the player!

Amon was my first NPC character, and I used to be really, really nervous about playing Syrcus Tower with him. I wondered if people would think he was a dumb idea, to be honest, and if they'd say something demeaning about him.

But over time, I notice that one of two things generally happens when I run Amon in ST:

  1. No one notices him - or if they do, they don't say anything
  2. Someone notices Amon and the run becomes quite fun!

It's especially fun if I'm running with Scylla, too, because then the Allagans start bantering in group chat for the amusement of party members. In general, even though Amon is a bad guy boss, I notice that players like to be playful and mostly positive towards the boss himself when we fight him - sometimes asking for his hat, sometimes commenting on his appearance. So it's nice to play an NPC that people seem to like.

As for fighting Amon, I put my all into the fights (even if I'm playing Amon), just as I would any other boss. I don't give Amon no slack! However, I admit that I do look to see how many people die to Curtain Call every time, and I get a little disappointed if Amon doesn't get at least one kill.

Thanks for the ask!

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