Spot of Simmery- 8: Tying the Knot

Plans for Iva and Enio’s wedding were quickly underway. It was nothing large – just a gathering of folks from the community who came to see them give their vows in-house. However, it was not without its difficulty.

First, Iva came down with an illness right before time to exchange vows.

Not wanting her to be sick on the day of her wedding, I had her order medicine which took care of the situation quickly. However, within that time Enio had gotten bored. And what does an addicted techie do when bored?

Why, browse social media on his phone while standing at the altar, of course!

Once the attention of both bride and groom were once again gained, they managed to exchange rings…

And finally vows.

However, with so many people over at the house, using the facilities, somewhere in there, the toilet backed up and needed repair. So Iva decided to put her magic to work and cast the Repario spell, thinking that would take care of the situation.

Only… it didn’t. Instead, the toilet caught on fire. During their reception.

Which caused all the attending Sims to pile in to see the spectacle.

Enio took charge then, ushering people out of the small enclosed place full of flames and noxious fumes. He then was able to put the fire out with no one harmed.

To add insult to injury, though, the toilet was then both scorched and still broken.

And the guests sorta milled around outside on the road for the rest of the event. It wasn’t the best end to their biggest day.

But Enio and Iva had tied the knot, and the wedding bouquet on Enio’s desk was proof of that!

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Restoration: Heart to Heart


Amon heard Koh coming from a mile away. She was obviously not happy, and it was time to face the music. 

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” Koh demanded as she burst into the room. “They told me they picked you up wandering around town in a daze and scaring people out of their wits! What’s wrong with you?”

Amon just watched her quietly, giving her time to work out the sharpest part of her frustration through words. When he didn’t respond, she resorted to grand, frustrated motions with her hands.

Then she just dropped her hands to her sides, giving him a long look.

“What?” He finally spoke.

“You…” Koh’s face struggled between relief and sadness. “You’re looking so much better. But… but how? What did they do to heal you that I couldn’t?”

He knew she was going to take this hard. And it was all his fault for doing this to her.

“’Twasn’t you, Koh,” Amon told her gently. “I wasn’t honest with you about what was going on.”

“What?” She looked a little hurt.

“Though you worked very hard to heal my symptoms, my ailment was caused by aether sickness.”

Koh froze at that statement, a silent surprise written on her face. He could see all sorts of thoughts running through her head as she stared at him. “What… does that mean?”

“Something happened at the summit of the Keeper of the Lake,” Amon still spoke evasively. She didn’t need to know all the details. “The block on my connection to aether was removed. But, unregulated, this form is still unable to maintain a balance. So…”

“Amon..!” she breathed.

“I didn’t tell you because I know you’re not fond of the idea of my magic returning and…”

Koh choked then shook her head. “I’m even less fond of the idea of you dying! You should have told me! What did you think I was going to do if I knew?”

He shrugged. “Maybe you’d decide it was better if my own magic consume me and leave you without the threat of Amon of Allag returning to Eorzea?”

Her face screwed up, then she outright smacked him on the arm.

Amon ducked in surprise. It didn’t hurt, but the cat-girl had never been gutsy enough to do something like that before.

Tears of frustration shimmered her eyes as she exclaimed, “I don’t know what your weird Allagan people do, but that’s not what we do here!”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” He spread his hands to her, meaning the apology.

“Do you know how much I fretted and worried about you?”


“And everyone else, too. All these people… did all these nice things… said these nice things… and all you did was lie to everyone?”

Amon looked away.

“You… you…” Koh threw her hands up and began to pace the floor to vent.

After a while of this, the Elezen tilted his head sideways with a silly face and an appealing voice, “Do you hate me?”

She stopped and turned towards him, her mouth open to say something. But then she caught on to how absolutely ridiculous he looked, and her expression changed. Letting out a long breath, it turned into a snort-laugh.

“For an Allagan, you’re so dumb.” She told him.

“I know.” He agreed and cracked a smile. “Can you forgive this dumb Allagan?”

“Ugh… Fine!” Koh pressed her fingers into her temples. “You can’t keep doing things like this! No more of this secretive stuff when someone’s life depends on it. Even your own.”

Amon sighed.

“I don’t want to hear ‘I will try’ from you, either,” she wagged a finger at him. “Tell me yes.”

He winced, but decided he owed her this much, at least. “Aye.”

“So let me get this straight. The crystals they set up in the room help control the flow of the aether for you,” Koh murmured, peering closely at one of the shimmering stones. “But we still need a more permanent solution.”

“The thought of living the rest of my life in this room is not appealing,” Amon agreed in a tone more humorous than the situation deserved.

“So… that means we need a crystal?”


She glanced at him. “You don’t sound excited about that.”

“These crystals do the job, but the solution is imperfect.”

“What do you mean?”

“Much of my aether signature is tied to the energies of the Syrcus Tower,” he tried to explain in the simplest terms possible. She wanted the truth, then he would give it to her. “’Twas the largest and most capable focus I had to work with. It allowed me to delve into magics that I probably shouldn’t have.”

“Like putting the whole Tower into stasis for ages?” She caught on quickly.

“Aye. Like that.” Amon grinned arrogantly. Sleeping for ages wasn’t his favorite way to pass the time, but it was a clever snap-decision that he was rather proud of making… given the kind of pressure he was under to come up with a solution.

“I always wondered,” Koh murmured looking at him, just briefly, like something out of one of her story books.

“Anyhow,” he cleared his throat feeling a little awkward about sharing so much information. “A better solution would be to devise a focus using the energies of the Tower. But seeing I can’t get inside…”

Suddenly, the cat-girl’s ears shot straight up, her eyes widening until perfectly round.

Amon watched this transformation with amusement. “What?”

“What if… I brought the Tower to you?” Koh said, her voice wispy with excitement.


She jumped up, rushing to the door, in such a flurry that her tail was practically poofed out to its largest. “Just wait here! I have something!”

“Koh?” Amon called after her with a puzzled look. But she was already gone.

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Spot of Mummery Story Archive

Tome Appraisal for C’elah Vailisthea

From the Client…

“Good Morning, I heard you are the foremost authority on tome appraisal. I was cleaning out the remains of the home I was raised in as a child and I came across several tomes. This one piqued my interest and I wondered if it was filled with old hexes and spells or stories of witches before me.” She turned it over in her hands before handing it to him.

Tome Attributes: Good shape, found in ancient library under childhood home.

Gil Donation: 15,000

Tea Order: Sage Scripture

Amon gave a smile and a bow at being called the “foremost authority,” then got right to serving his newest client her tea.

“‘Tis always exciting to find treasure in old familiar places, aye?” The Elezen then motioned to the nearby table. “Please feel free to help yourself to a snack and make yourself at home. I’ll see what I can find on this Tome of yours!”

While this Tome seems to be outwardly well-kept, I’m having trouble keeping it connected in my machine. I apologize that this has made the scan take a little longer than expected. I have, however, successfully pulled the data from the Tome and was able to create a copy as you requested. ‘Tis a good thing you brought it to me as this information could have been lost to time for good should the connectors on this Tome malfunctioned more.

As for the content – I must be curious why you’d think ‘twould be witchcraft! ‘Twas a rather taboo topic in old Allag, though I can’t say ’twas impossible for witches and hexes to have existed.

In fact, the writing on this may be more of a thoughtful memoir or even a journal. ‘Tis titled: Life’s Pathways in my Mind

I can’t vouch whether you’ll find anything on the topics you’re interested in, but it might be a fun thing to read the musings of an individual living in the ancient times? Depending on the information contained within, it might also be of interest to a scholar somewhere.

“‘Tis hard to say the value of the information on this Tome – though the trouble it has connecting would likely reduce how much an interested party would invest in the Tome itself. ‘Tis possible that content within this journal could be worth something, but ‘twould take time and reading to discover,” Amon returned the Tome and the copy of the data to his client.

“If nothing else, you’ve given the stories contained therein a new life in creating a copy to preserve it. It may not contain information on hexes and spells, but ’tis a honorable thing to do in memory of the writer.”

Get your own tome appraisal by clicking here!

FFXIV: Syrcus Tower Gate Guard Chronicles

Posts Originally From: July 13, 2019 – July 21, 2019

A silly series wherein Amon pulls every trick in the book to try to get past the Syrcus Tower gate guard to gain access to the Tower.

I Have Arrived!

“The gates are open and the Tower is fully functional! Nothing’s going to stop me!

Moments later:

Reassessing My Options

Must get past that gate guard…

‘Tis an Idea!

“I’ve deduced ‘tis my finery that is giving my intentions away. Therefore, I shall once again attempt to approach the Tower gates… in disguise!

“Naught more here than a normal, every day, well-meaning Elf, aye!”

Round Two!

Operation Soulful Sad Stare

Yet Another Disguise?

“No… no… just trying out the local fashion. I heard it’s called something like “la HEE.”” 

Where Do We Go?

♫Where do we go? Oh! 

♫When our prayers are answered

♫Where do we go? Oh! 

♫When our prayers are answered but the answer is…

Rainy Night

“‘Twas a rainy night outside the gates with nary a quiltfort to be found.”


Restoration: The Truth

Everything about this situation left Amon disarmed. The lack of his mask. Kan-E-Senna sitting only a room-span away. The fact that she knew him by his real name. And…

How does something like this even happen?

As if she sensed his confusion, she folded her hands and said, “You must have many and more questions.”


“As do I,” Kan-E-Senna fixed him with an unwavering gaze. “So I propose we trade. Truth for truth.”

“The truth has never been my strong suit, My Lady,” Amon tried to regain some face with a grin.

“Perhaps this can be an exercise in strengthening it, then.” 

That was very quickly squelched. There was a little more bite to this tiny woman than he realized.

He gave a slight laugh under his breath. “Very well.”

“As a gesture of goodwill, I shall start,” Kan-E-Senna said. She took a moment to collect her words before speaking again. “’Twas no accident that you found yourself in Gridania after you awoke in Eorzea. In fact, many things are not an accident, Amon.”

The Elezen leaned back, just glad to have enough mental clarity to work through the words.

“You were rescued by the Sons of Saint Coinach when they entered Syrcus Tower, seeking what relics and research they could. They found you in a very dire condition, and quickly learned you weren’t one of the warriors who had entered to fell the threats in the Tower.” She spoke slowly, each word measured and honest. “And when they could not decipher who… or what… you were, they brought you here to be tended.”

“I see.” This made sense.

There was a huge hole in Amon’s memories from the time of his defeat until… well… just that one day when he was suddenly aware of the fact he was still alive and in Gridania. He had too much on his mind to really question it, and no one ever hassled him, so he didn’t think much of it.

“Almost immediate upon your arrival, the Spirits spoke to us of your origins,” Kan-E-Senna nodded slowly.

“Guess I’m a popular guy,” he tried to joke with a shrug.

“Indeed.” This won him a smile in return. It was like hitting first prize in the Jumbo Cactpot. “We sought advice from individuals who were gifted in the Echo to confirm and clarify what the Spirits told us. That you are, indeed, Amon of Allag.”

The Elezen swallowed down this information. “How… many people know that I’m here?”

“A select few.”

He groaned and covered his face.

“Fear not,” Kan-E-Senna reassured him. “We were very discreet.”

“Why?” He looked up and furrowed his brows at her.

“Because, there are enough people in high places who know your story.”

Amon shook his head in disbelief. “You protected my identity?”


“Instead of taking me out back, and beating me like a rug or… or… hanging me or… whatever your people do to creatures like me?”



“Because,” she took a deep breath. “This may sound nebulous, but the Spirits agreed. These happenings are naught at random. There is meaning and reason in your coming to Eorzea. And, all life, including your own, is something worth protecting.”

Amon looked down at his hands, feeling the heat of shame rising in his face.

“I am aware that this is not a creed you lived by in the past,” Kan-E-Senna said softly. “But perhaps, now that you’ve been spared and judged to have value, you will extend that courtesy to others.”

“This… was your choice?” he asked quietly.

“It was,” she confirmed. “Just as it was my hand that healed you when you were brought here. There were some who feared interacting with an Allagan, much less you in particular.”

This made him chuckle a bit. “Well, I’m nothing to fear anymore.”

“The strength of your aether signature in this room says otherwise.” 

Amon shook his head again. “This form is too weak to utilize it, My Lady. ‘Tis what has made me fall ill to begin with.”

“What made you fall ill is your inability to be truthful to your companions.”

He winced at that.

“Yes. I am aware that you’ve withheld information from the girl, Koh, who tends you. This set her up for failure, no matter how hard she tried. That is rather unfair of you, Amon.”

“I…” he didn’t know how to explain himself. “She would be… distressed… to learn that the aether has opened itself to me again.”

“Amon.” She gave him that look. A look similar to the one he remembered his own mother giving long, long ago when he was being dumb and unreasonable.

“Did you just give me the Mom-look?”

His candid question took her by surprise, earning another smile. “You appear to require it.”

Since he was on a roll, he decided keep going. “How are you so well-informed on my personal business?”

“’Tis my secret.”

Amon wagged a finger at her. “You said we’re talking truth. Secrecy is not truth.”

Kan-E-Senna gave a slight sigh, but looked unruffled. “As I said, many things are not by chance. This includes those who chose to be your companions.”

He froze, his eyes widening.

“Part of my bargaining to allow you to walk freely included me taking the responsibility to keep watch on your activity. That was easy to do as long as you remained in Gridania,” she admitted. “But once you wandered afar, we needed eyes on you.”

The Elezen choked in accusation. “Elder Seedseer. Are you saying you spied on me?”

She mulled over this question, glancing off in the distance for a moment, her lovely face lost in thought. Then, Kan-E-Senna turned and nodded. “Yes.”

Amon’s mouth hung open for a while, feeling completely duped. Then, he started to laugh. He couldn’t help it. Something about this was too funny.

This also explained his strange feelings… what he thought was a crush… towards Kan-E-Senna. It seemed so out of character for him. But now he realized, perhaps something in his subconscious was aware of the fact that she’d helped him… healed him… and was the one who gave him the second chance.

“Pray tell, what is so funny?” She gave him an odd look.

“All this time, I thought I was pulling the wool over everyone else,” he snickered and wiped his eyes. “My Lady, you have beaten me at my own game!”

Kan-E-Senna smiled yet again. This time, there was just the tiniest bit of pride there. “You are a strange man, Amon of Allag.”

“Indeed. And one who is in your debt.” He flashed his charm in her direction, but couldn’t tell if it had any effect. 

“Perhaps.” There was a slight twinkle in her eye. “You may yet repay that in time.”

“We shall see.” Then he prodded, “May I ask who the spy is?”

“You can ask, but I will not answer.”

He groaned. “Really?”

“You know that is not how it works, Amon.” She looked the other way with a hint of a smile still playing on her lips. “Besides, the so-called spy has been taken in by your charms, I’m afraid, and is fairly neutralized. We are lucky that we get any information at all anymore.”

“Ah…” Amon tilted his head back. Kan-E-Senna would not afford him the information, but he was pretty sure he knew who it was.

The Elder Seedseer rose to her feet, signaling that their conversation was coming to a close. She placed a tiny, cool hand on his own in a gentle motion. He felt his pulse quicken at her touch and tried to school himself to calmness.

“For now, I ask you to rest. We’ve set up crystals to regulate the flow of aether temporarily in this room. But you will need a more permanent solution. For that, I shall call on Koh.”

“You don’t have to tell her…”

“No, I won’t,” Kan-E-Senna interrupted with that Mom-look again. “You shall tell her.”

Amon groaned. There was no getting out of this.

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Spot of Mummery Story Archive

Spot of Simmery- 8: Casting Magic

Once Enio and Iva’s relationship started getting serious, I had Iva move in with Enio. This was so I could keep an eye on Iva (Sims can be devious) and start to develop her skills.

For one, I wanted her and Enio to become magic users. This is because Amon would eventually be a magic user, and being born of two magic users makes his magical bloodline stronger. Sadly, it’s not as strong as it could be because I didn’t create his parents as magic users from the get-go (my bad).

First, I have Iva take a trip to the Realm of Magic where she meets the different instructors and chooses a path. This fellow, Simeon Silversweater – the sage of practical magic, becomes her teacher.

Once she’s completed the tasks set out for her and proven her mettle, she becomes a spell caster!

But casting spells, even of the practical type, require study and practice…. while poor Enio is in the background trying to learn programming for his own tech job.

When Iva is not working on her spell casting, she’s learning to play renaissance fiddle. After all, she supposed to be the future musical influence in young Amon’s life. So someone has to teach him how to play! Even if she doesn’t start out playing well…

Once more, poor Enio soldiers through.

He must not mind at all because it’s not that much longer before he finally pops the question!

Iva says Yes! There’s wedding bells in the air!

{ Spot of Simmery- 7: RIP Bee Box 🐝 || Spot of Simmery- 8: Tying the Knot}

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FFXIV: Shadowbringers Release Part 1

Posts Originally From: June 28, 2019 – July 14, 2019

All the excitement and exploration of the then-new expansion – Shadowbringers!


Long Hair Amon

“When you wake up one day and you suddenly feel like a different person…”

Not sure if I’m going to keep the new hair or not, though it actually matches the length of Boss!Amon’s hair quite well. It works (mostly) with the hat – only some clipping while running. 

I do miss the messy mop, so I think I’m going to trial this hair for a bit. One way or another, I’ll need to switch back for story purposes, but if I find I like it, this might be a future style for him! 

(Buy the hair in the Gold Saucer at the Prize Claim II for 30K MGP)

Tiny Dancer

~Tiny Dancer~

Doing Alliance Roulette Be Like…

The Twinning

Just what the heck did those crazy Allagans have hidden down in the Tower anyway? Looks like the Ironworks had a hand in some of the fun, too!

It was super cool to see the technological side of the Tower that was hidden to us during the raids! I always felt there was a LOT more to the Tower that we didn’t see.

Amon – Dancer

Truth is, he’d break his neck trying this stuff, but it was still fun to snap a few screens!

Darn It!

When you finally arrive in the First…

…and even your Free Company won’t let you throw wide the gates. 😦 


Yet More FC Sass

Descent: Jail Break

Amon couldn’t stand the insides of his apartment for one more second. Not the look. The smell. The anything. So, that day, when Koh brought him something to help him sleep, he pretended to take it and then spat it out when she wasn’t looking.

Then, after she was done administering to her heart’s content, and left him to what she thought would be a long nap, he threw off the covers and put on his boots. Sliding a secret mask from a hidden compartment in his desk, he put it on.

The Elezen was restless, fevered and still in a state of hallucination, but sitting there in that room was getting him nowhere. Each of the dreams that had visited him played in his mind, blurring and fusing into his thoughts until they were the only things he knew.

Amon didn’t have much time left. The aether was tearing him apart, and it was only a matter of time before his body could no longer withstand the abuse.

He wasn’t entirely certain what he was looking for when he made his way to the streets of Gridania. Everything reeled and twisted around him, voices sounding distant one moment and right by his ear the next. But no one seemed to mind him – his mask was commonly worn there, especially by Elezen.

So as long as they didn’t take note that he was dressed in his pajamas, he wasn’t raising many flags. Certainly, there were stories of drunk Wood Wailers who traversed the town in their night garments and mask from time to time.

Amon wandered without direction until he caught sight of something – a flash of auburn hair on a slight, petite form.

Within that moment, the world around him stopped moving. His focus fell completely on this girl, and though he only saw the back of her, he was sure. Shakily, he stumbled forward, following, trying to catch up to her.

“Clio!” He tried to call out, but the name broke on his tongue. Desperation welled in his chest as he redoubled his effort to reach her. His body was not working right, and what should have been easy for his long strides to traverse felt impossible.

“Please, wait!”

She didn’t hear him. But other people began to take notice. Sounds of concern rose as strangers watched him stagger and drop to the ground.

He got up again, choking on the words he held buried within him for so many dark years. “Clio… forgive me!

Finally, he reached her, one hand clasping her shoulder to make her aware of his presence. The girl startled with a frightened sound, rounding and staring up into his masked face with fear.

For a second of clarity, Amon could see… this wasn’t Clio.

But then, his mind convulsed and his vision blurred, showing him a terrible, twisted visage. Clio stared up at him, face white as death, the large glasses she always wore cracked beyond use. Where the executioner-blade had sliced her neck, a line of black blood clotted… very slowly spreading in a semblance of decay.

Ghastly, the dead Clio screamed.

People turned, converging on them. And in Amon’s vision, they, too, shambled towards him, faces of death. Of people from his past… torture victims, war prisoners, clone after clone after clone.

He stumbled back from the horror, too weak to run, hardly keeping his balance. They reached out for him, dead hands grabbing him as he flailed. Pulling him down.

Words sounded around him, but he could not make sense of them.

“Send for a healer! This man is terribly ill!”

“Hold him! Hold him! He’s not seeing clearly!”

“I have no idea who he is! My name isn’t Clio!”

“Someone get that mask off before he suffocates himself!”

And then the chaos collapsed into nothing.

Amon’s staggered breathing woke him. He found himself in a place of cool darkness, a damp rag placed over his burning forehead, and the peaceful sound of running water in the distance. It wasn’t clear what had happened… he only remembered going into town – why had he done that? What did he seek to find?

And now he was… where?

Wherever he was, this was the first time he’d felt relief from the bombardment of aether since leaving the Keeper of the Lake. Something… had changed.

“Are you waking?” A soft voice asked him.

The Elezen let out a long breath, pushing himself up slightly in the bed. Pulling the damp rag from his face, he squinted across the room. Then he let out a sharp gasp.

Sitting on the other side of the room was none other than the Elder Seedseer, Kan-E-Senna.

Amon swallowed down the reaction that shot through him – one of childish embarrassment and stammering doltery. All he could manage was a short nod, being very aware that his mask was gone and this picture of perfection and beauty was staring him straight in the face.

“You are suffering from the most extreme case of Aether Sickness I’ve ever seen someone survive. But, of course, you knew that, didn’t you?” Kan-E-Senna paused, tilting her head slowly. “Amon of Allag.”

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Spot of Mummery Story Archive

Tome Appraisal for Shio Shinju

From the Client…

Sighing, Shio strides into the shop and hands over the tome to the flamboyantly-dressed Elezen behind the counter.

“So, for some reason, Rowena particularly wants this tome? Ever since she saw it in my collection, she offered to pay me a premium price for it. Before I decide if I should sell it to her, I would like to know what is on it, please.”

Tome Attributes: It is marked with an Ancient High Allagan numeral “4”

Gil Donation: 12,500

Tea Order: Green Genesis

Note: All credit goes to the Client for the concept behind this Tome reading.

“Interesting,” Amon tapped his chin as he peered at the Tome that Roweena apparently was very interested in. There was nothing outwardly unusual about it, though it seemed in decent enough physical condition. “I’ve never heard of Rowena being so eager to depart with her gil. You were wise to want to determine just what has caught her attention.”

The Elezen then fixed his client some tea before taking the Tome behind the counter.

“As long as it reads well, we’ll get the answer to that shortly!”

How peculiar.

Of all the data that Rowena would want, this was not what I had expected. Business practices, the art of manipulation… that sort of thing. Sure. Not this.

Thankfully, the data is in good shape and so is the Tome itself. What it contains, however, is a short piece of what looks to be a serial fiction of which this is the fourth part.

The title of the piece is: “The Emperor’s Dark Delights.”

And… it seems to feature a relationship between Emperor Xande and the Cloud of Darkness. Though I’m not sure who would champion that pairing. Not to mention, scanning some of this, a bit of it seems a tad spicy.

Hmm… Rowena?

“Well, now you have your answer. Rowena appears to be a fan of spicy Allagan romance fiction.” Amon arched his eyebrow as he returned the Tome to his client, along with a copy of said romance fiction. “I wonder why she so covets this particular Tome, though. Mayhaps ’tis one that’s missing from her collection? Either way, I hope you hold out for some big gil. She can afford it.”

Get your own tome appraisal by clicking here!