Last year on this day, I took a moment to reflect back on Spot of Mummery and a little bit about its history. I want to do that again this year, but first, I want to thank all of you for the part you’ve played in encouraging me (and Amon) on our creative journey! 

The above screenshot was the first I ever took of Amon - from that one scene we all know and love at the beginning of the MSQ. Based on the file name, I created Amon September 19, 2017 on Mateus. Back then, Mateus was just finding its feet as an RP server, and there wasn’t a whole lot of representation on Tumblr yet. 

-Trying to RP-

I repurposed this Tumblr into a RP blog, and started tossing out little one-shot posts of Amon’s day-to-day discoveries in Eorzea as I leveled him. I wanted to get involved with the RP scene, but had no idea how to do so. I just started flinging stuff into the void and… 

…Eventually gave up on it a few months later when nothing seemed to stick. Only one post actually remains from that time. 

-Two Years Ago-

In 2018, had the itch to write, and decided to join July’s Camp NaNo. So, I started weeding through my FFXIV characters to determine who had promise for a story that I could eventually transition into a foundation for RP. 

I looked on Mateus, saw Amon, and started to delete him. I figured I’d never do anything with him. 

Yep. Amon almost got deleted. 

But then I logged on - as I tend to before I push that button - just to see if he had any special event items that would make him worth keeping. (He didn’t.)

And I saw this face: 

I couldn’t do it. 

Suffice to say, Amon worked his charm on me. Instead of deleting him, I sat down and began to plot out the story that eventually became Coming Together

-Building a Tumblr-

I was a little nervous about trying to connect with the RP folks, especially since I was attempting to write for an NPC. I know that’s not always embraced, but I found most people on Tumblr to be welcoming. 

I also discovered due to barrier of entry (that has now been removed), many people interacting with me on Tumblr back then had never run the Crystal Tower raids. Therefore, they didn’t know who Amon was (or that he was an NPC). I remember running a number of folks through ST their first time – after they learned he was a boss in those raids. I wonder if they just wanted to beat him up. :)

Last year, when Shadowbringers dropped, Syrcus Tower suddenly became relevant again. Never did I imagine THAT would have happened when I decided to write for what I thought was an obscure NPC back in 2017. I was, and still am, really excited to see where the lore is going to take the Crystal Tower. 

It’s been a wild ride! I’m happy to still be kicking around two years later. There’s plenty more story I want to tell for Amon and friends! 

Thank you all again for your kindness and acceptance of my crazy Allagan doof, and here’s to more mummery to come!