FFXIV: Housing and Decorating

Posts Originally From: Jan 5, 2019 – March 18, 2019

Decorating continues with Amon’s lab, a new ballroom and an overhaul of Amon’s apartment!

Music Corner

I mentioned I’d be making a music corner, so here’s the start – a little stage area on the lower floor of our Free Company house.

Amon’s Lab

I’m not 100% done with Amon’s Lab, as I know I’ll keep adding odds ‘n ends to his model collection. But I did finally craft his Behemoth trophy tonight, and have most of the major pieces in place. 

He’s got a library, a performance stage, a study and a lab area – complete with a holding tank! 

Oops… looks like Scylla got stuck in there. I wonder how?

FC House Yard Makeover!

I’ve been holding on to a few outdoor items to work on a makeover for our FC house’s yard, and finally just got it done last night. I realize the pictures above were taken at night while it was raining, but I almost think it adds to the atmosphere a bit! 

Homewood Cottage is decorated, tagged as RP, and always open to friend visits. The personal rooms still need a lot of work, but Amon’s Lab is also open. When we’re online, there’s usually someone hanging out or passing through, so feel free to say hi!

Plot 14, 14 Ward, Shirogane 

Zuri’s Small Ball Room

The second RP room I finished for our FC house! 

If Dancer ever becomes a job, and if it fits with Zuri’s character, I’m considering switching for RP purposes. That inspired the idea of building a small dance hall in our FC using her private quarters. 

Like the rest of the house, it’s open to viewing (the other rooms aren’t anywhere near done yet, sorry!). Drop us a note in the guestbook if you do stop in.


A couple of shots of Amon’s updated apartment, which he may be transforming into a home business in time – which may play into RP stuff! The top shot I used for one of my story posts, but the bottom gives a look at the counter and work area behind it.

FFXIV: Amon Turns BLU

Posts Originally From: Jan 15, 2019 – Jan 24, 2019

When Blue Mage originally released, Amon spent some time learning the ways of the BLU.


“Feeling oh, so BLU! I need one of those nifty masks, pronto!”

Spat Sardine

Look out world, Amon learned how to spit sardines last night! Not pictured: Spat sardine. Wasn’t fast enough with /gpose.

I’m having way too much fun with BLU at this point, but still wondering how I could make some of this a legit part of his character in the future.  


Amon is getting a power trip off of Glower.

FFXIV: Amon Dabbles in Raids

Posts Originally From: December 24, 2018 – February 9, 2019

I never originally created Amon to be a raiding character, but he still ended up doing alliance raids, Omega raids and farming ponies.


Scylla twisted my arm and I unlocked Raba for Amon tonight.

He only did it to gain entry to the Prima Vista, of course. Now to get hired on as one of the cast! 

Fine Fellows

“Let me introduce you to a couple of fine fellows!”

Never intended on taking Amon into Omega raids, but he needs a better weapon to raise his ilvl. Not to mention they put the Level Checker housing item in!


“Spoils of the raid! Got this spiffy new monitor for my lab!”

Rolled a 99 on the Exdeath minion on the first run – it was meant to be! 


Luck has been on Amon’s side with minion rolls in Omega so far. He’s gotten both of them on the first try. Also got all of the Crystalloids he needs for his new weapon. Just need to scrounge up a bit more Mendacity.

Prima Vista

“I assisted the crew of the Prima Vista with unraveling their predicament… and was rewarded by a bit of dramatic brilliance in the end! Those children seem to have a bright future!

“I heard tell that the ship is remaining in Kugane for the near future, and is even hiring. Perhaps Jenomis will consider my application – do you think?”


Someone started collecting ponies for the very first time tonight! Only two left to go. 

Flame Pony Get!

Just one left to go. I like this one for Amon just as much as the lightning pony! 


Amon got the housecoat caster drop from the Monastery tonight.

Kirin Get!

All ponies collected!


Amon has a new friend! Yes… I’m slow in finishing Alphascape. But hey, I did it! One of my favorite endings to a raid so far! 

Got a New Shirt

What do you think? 

New Friend

“I made another new friend today… well, at least I think it’s a friend.”

FFXIV: Celebrating the 2019 New Year

Posts Originally From: December 30, 2018 – January 5, 2019

Amon and Scylla ring in the 2019 New Year and celebrate a certain Allagan’s Nameday!


I was going through and updating all my FFXIV character cards for the end of the year, when I realized that tomorrow is not only the last day of the year… 

Tomorrow is a certain crazy bard’s nameday! 🙂

It almost slipped past me – Amon would have been sulky if I’d forgotten.

Surprise Nameday Lunch!

“I noticed something odd when I arrived this morning… Scylla was training her culinary skills!” ((And Scylla does not craft, so that’s a pretty big deal.)) 

“I soon discovered the reason for this – she’d prepared a Nameday lunch for me! And, naturally, she didn’t forget the salad.”

“Not only that, but a grand Nameday cake adorned the table, and she gifted me the most curious Magitek Avenger F1 minion! I am beside myself – thank you! 

“Not to mention, the cake is sublime.”

“…And it’s been a while since I’ve seen Scylla wear her hair without a braid. Also curious!” 

Year Begin/End Photo: Amon

January  2018: 

I wasn’t actually playing Amon in January – I’d created him back in 2017, but didn’t do much with him until summer 2018. But this is what he looked like, long before he got his hat and glamours. I didn’t change him physically, though I’ve pondered changing his hair a few times… 

December 2018: 

Yep. Same goofy bard. Different hat. Makes all the difference, doesn’t it? Actually, he’s developed quite a bit since I took the leap and decided to revisit him as a character. Very glad that I tried! 

Anyhow, 2018 has been an adventure for me in role play and dusting off my writing skills for this blog. I’m so happy to have met you all, and I hope we have lots more fun to look forward to! 

Happy New Year! 

Happy New Year!

Best wishes for the new year! Make it spiffy, friends! 

Ringing in the New Year

A couple of silly Allagans ringing in the new year! 


Getting all your maths right in the new year: a good start!

New Year

A pleasant event to mark the beginning of a new year. 

Piggie Hats

“Piggie hats obtained! I think I like this holiday!”

FFXIV: Starlight 2018 Celebrations

Posts Originally From: November 23 – December 26, 2018

Amon and Scylla enjoy their first Starlight in Eorzea!

‘Tis the Season?

“Aye, I do believe it ‘tis!”

Dream Hat

“Scylla is often too serious… BUT. When I gifted her a Dream Hat, she did wear it!”

Starlight Fun

Allagans are having some Starlight fun! 

This event was practically made for Amon – the achievement is even called Curtain Call!

Decorating the Apartment!

Putting up some holiday decor in the apartment!

Starlight. Starbright.

Decorating the FC house for the season!

Starlight Eve

Happy Starlight Eve to all! 

Top: Scylla tells Amon to “Talk to the Hand!”

Bottom: Choir girls Koh and Scylla

Starlight Wishes

“Hoping that on this Starlight, you get to spend it with someone that you… uh… can mostly tolerate. 

“…To a point. 

“…Until the snark starts to fly. 

“…Er… Happy Starlight!”

FFXIV: A Wild Scylla Appears

Posts Originally From: August 31 – October 10, 2018

When my IRL best friend decides to roll a Scylla character for the fun of writing a rival to Amon…

The Meeting

“Hello… excuse me. You look familiar….”

“Aren’t you… no… NO!

The fun begins. My RP buddy finally rolls a character and joins the fray!

Amon… What Are You Wearing?

Hold on! Is that…


Scylla’s first run through Syrcus Tower – the hat dropped for them both. She seems less than thrilled, however.

99 Percentile in Life

(Random chat RP between myself and Scylla)

Scylla: I’m going to Ishgard. I’m on your trail, Amon.

Amon: Have fun. A lot of snow there.

Scylla: How did you get earmuffs… that fit those… nevermind.

Amon: Excuse me? It’s a nation of Elezen. It wasn’t that hard.

Scylla: Your ears are unusually big for an Elezen’s ear.

Amon: Have you done the research to back that up with data? Did you go about Ishgard and measure the length of ear of the other Elezen there?

Scylla: Actually, yes… I was looking for some reason to make fun of you, and it turns out that your ears exceed the 99 percentile ear-to-face ratio of your race.

Amon: Let me see that.

Scylla: *lets him see her Tomephone*

Amon: *eyebrows lift as he scans the data* Well… I suppose I can be happy to be in the 99 percentile of something in life. *beams a wide grin*

Scylla: It’s the inverse for head to ear size. Big ears… small brain.

Amon: *frowns*

Scylla: *big grin*

-To Be Continued, I’m Sure-

Scylla Visits

Scylla came over to Amon’s apartment to take some screens specifically for the short RP I posted earlier today. These are some bigger versions of a few of those shots I took. 

Scylla may pick at Amon quite a bit, but he’s amused that she’s so short that he can sit on the ground and be almost at eye level with her while she’s in a chair. 

Hopefully we can start working on some of our collaborative RP story line this weekend! We’ll see how it goes!

Dusk Vigil

Amon assisting Scylla with an unsynced Dusk Vigil. She always looks so serious.  

Fractal Continuum

Amon and Scylla enter the Fractal Continuum.

Scylla’s Room

I was surprised that Scylla bought a room in the FC house and actually decorated it in order to give us a space to RP for the current “Confrontation” segment we’re writing. Usually, she doesn’t do much in the way of housing and decor, so this is a big move into fluffs-ville for her.

She quickly learned that Scylla was so short that she needed to be standing on the table in order to properly /slap Amon. So a series of silly screen shots took place. 

…Including Gilly getting aggressive at Amon.

FFXIV: Into Stormblood!

Posts Originally From: September 9 – October 15, 2018

Amon rolls into the Stormblood expansion in style!

It’s about time! Finally, got Amon to Stormblood tonight!

This means I could get those Bard job quests done, and he’s got a new fancy-pants level 70 skill and set of AF armor. Not sure if I’m going to work it into his glamour or not yet. I’m sad at the hair-collar clipping, but it seems rampant with this hairstyle.


Okay. Who let this bard into Kugane, and what were they thinking when they did?

‘Tis but a smol Mol

Amon arrives in the Steppes and meets Cirina.

Lost Allagan

Serious-looking Lost Allagan gear for a seriously lost Allagan. 


Amon hit level 60 Botanist tonight, which means he meets the Namazu tribe! 

Don’t worry, he didn’t tell them no. 

Bonus… Amon in the level 60 gathering set… before he glamoured it.


Ok, who gave Amon the keys to drive this thing?


Have a Steppes rainbow from Amon.

FFXIV: Level 70 & End of the Dragonsong War

Posts Originally From: September 5 – September 8, 2018

Amon’s adventures finishing up the MSQ between Heavensward and Stormblood.

Level 70!

This bard finally got level 70 tonight! Still not done with Heavensward, though.

Also still haven’t decided on a bow glamour.

Access Denied?

“This node’s user data banks were obviously corrupted with the passage of time.” 

Mayhaps a Temporary Alliance

Amon’s a little nicer to Midgardsormr once he becomes a slightly bigger dragon.


Burning through MSQ lately, finished up through 3.1 tonight, and had to pause to take a screen of the obligatory Dark Amon in the cutscene after the Singularity Reactor. Thought it came out pretty cool looking! 

Grand Meele

Still working through MSQ and laughed tonight when during the grand melee (which I’d forgotten about), they stuck Amon in House Fortemps colors. He actually does a pretty okay job in blending in with the Ishgard Elezen, huh? Well, except for toting around an Allagan bow.

Dragonsong War Finished

Finished up the Dragonsong War arc tonight! 

Getting closer and closer to Stormblood and Kugane!

FFXIV: Celebrating the Moonfire Faire (2018)

Posts Originally From: August 13 2018

The Moonfire Faire of 2018 was the first in-game event that Amon ever attended! This was back when they first introduced the jumping puzzle (which no longer exists in the event, likely due to flying being added to that zone).

Amon’s Notebook: Moonfire Faire

‘Twas my first ever exposure to an Eorzean holiday today. And while I came, lured by the expectation of a fine new pair of eye wear, I must admit that I experienced an unexpected bit of enjoyment while I was there. Perhaps I’ve underrated this beach thing a bit too much. 

It was raining when I first arrived in Costa Del Sol, which fit the mood when I discovered that part of the season’s festivities included an obstacle course. I wasn’t so certain that my clone-coordination would be up to the challenge, to be completely honest. 

Constructing a large wooden platform just to challenge themselves? Eorzeans are so odd. 

As strange as it is to me, it still appears to be a popular pass-time. So when the weather cleared up, I gave it a go, and somehow managed to make my way to the end. After dispensing my infinite wisdom to kittens and commoners, I was gifted a fine set of beach-bum wear, and found myself a place from which to better observe the event happenings. 

The fireworks took me by surprise. The last time I saw fireworks… I can’t even put a date to it. It was so very long ago. 

Watching the people frolic with their own sparklers and seeing their unbridled determination to reach the top of the silly wood tower… I try to resist, but this world has a way of making me feel things that I thought I’d forgotten.  


Shots from the Moonfire Faire

Shots from the Moonfire Faire.

Amon’s having way too much fun being a beach bum. Saw the sun set, saw the sun rise. A real party animal (if you consider camping out on a rock all night watching fireworks a party animal)!  

Moonfire Fun

The rest of the crew is having fun in Costa Del Sol as well! 

Floating People Bridge!

“Eorzeans are odd. But if this is the custom, very well.” 

FFXIV: Amon’s Adventures in Housing

Posts Originally From: July 30 – August 21 2018

Amon purchased his own apartment in the Lavender Beds, then proceeded to set up his study there. Not too long after, the Free Company also invested in real estate…

Diagnostic Module

“Finally got a Diagnostic Module for my apartment. Quite excited!”

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

“Needs a few mods, however. I’ll worry about that tomorrow.”

Amon’s Study

Amon’s apartment really started to take shape this weekend! I’ve got most of the large pieces I wanted to add in place including a small stage, aquarium, small walled-off sleeping area, and the Comfy Carbuncle Corner™. I know I’ll keep adding details to it, such as decor on the back white walls (and dyeing them some color – haven’t made up my mind) but I’m happy how it’s come along! 

Free Company House!

After camping a housing lot in Lavender Beds for almost three hours tonight, my main was able to snag our Free Company an estate! Not the prettiest of plots, but it’s a start. Will be turning this into an Odder Otter house as soon as we get the workshop done and materials organized for it! 

Oh, and Amon has a new glamour.  

True Friends…

…relocate your FC house to a plot in Shirogane when you’re asleep. 

So scratch last night’s post when I said we picked up a plot in the Lavender Beds for our Free Company. I woke up this morning to frantic messaging from my IRL best friend, Zeb (eventually to be Scylla – whom some of you have met and probably run things with). 

I was solid asleep catching many Zs but when I woke up and saw this, I was super stoked! 

I guess Amon is going to get a taste of Hingan culture sooner than I expected!

Bonus: Roof Access!

Amon’s Notebook: Shirogane

Over the past weekend, our Free Company took the plunge and invested in real estate. They call it a Free Company house, and I was quite content to place it in Gridania. However, other members had different ideas, and I found us relocated to a place called Shirogane. 

Zuri was beside herself about the move. She says this is quite close to her homeland in Yanxia, which I’ve still yet to see. And while this place feels entirely different from the Shroud that I’ve grown accustomed to, it certainly has a beauty of its own. 

I’ve not yet been cleared by circumstances to enter the city of Kugane proper, but Zuri still encouraged me to spend some time exploring our new home. So, I decided to take a night stroll through Shirogane. 

This culture appears to love colorful lanterns, ornate but functional design, and lots of tall, sloped rooftops. Much of the area was decorated due to the Moonfire Faire, but I have a feeling there would still be a number of lanterns even without that. 

One has to wonder how this is not a fire hazard. 

This bomb imagery is either really disturbing… or something I can get behind. I’ve not made up my mind on this topic yet. 

Even within the developed housing area, there are places that offer the sense of meditative peace. The landscape is dotted with lovely little ponds and streams, which give rise to arched bridges. 

Just up the path from our house, a majestic mountain rises, stone woven through with a serpent-like tree of the likes I’ve never seen. There I discovered a little glade of bamboo and what appears to be a shrine of sorts, perhaps. 

Zuri has made mention of the Kami that her people believe in – I’m not fully certain if this is different from the Twelve in Eorzea, however. I haven’t properly discussed it with her, so she may be willing to enlighten me more on the topic later. 

I wonder if this, too, is an expression of faith to these Kami. 

I shall have to ask Zuri next we talk.