Art: Meddlesome Allagan!

I haven’t forgotten that I wanted to color some of the requested pieces from Inktober of last year. I’ve just been very slow about it!

I’m messing around with a new waterpaint style – just exploring and having fun with it. But here’s a disgruntled Midgardsormr taking a chomp out of Amon’s sensitive ear!

Crown Starlight Art Party

Scylla and I attended the CROWN Starlight art party today and had a great time! I wanted to gather up some of the lovely art that we received – with credit to the original tweets below each!

Amon by Smolcatte – Original Tweet
Amon by Anime Bat – Original Tweet
Scylla and Amon by Jitterz – Original Tweet
Loafhat Amon by Kira – Original Tweet
Scylla by Deu – Original Tweet
Amon by Avwalya – Original Tweet
Loafhat Amon by Mahou – Original Tweet

Thank you so much to all the artists for the beautiful work!

Allagan Melon

In my Favorites of Inktober 2020 post, I asked which pics folks wanted to see me digitally ink and color. The Allagan Melon got some votes, so here you go! 

I’ll be doing more of these as I have time. Feel free to let me know which were your favorite!