Tome Appraisal for Saeta Lemiscus

From the Client…

Entering for the first time, Saeta looked around while approaching the counter. She politely removed her sun hat, and offered a smile, placing down the tome.

“Hello,” she greeted. “I found this while gardening, and heard that perhaps this place could identify it? I’m sorry there’s still dirt stuck in some of the cracks, I wasn’t sure if I should wash it. It looked delicate.” To her untrained eye, at least. Upon realizing she could also order tea, she did so with some excitement. The blend sounded right up her alley.

Tome Attributes: None

Gil Donation:

Tea Order: Lavender Law

“Greetings, my friend.” Amon beamed a grin at his newest client. “If ’tis a Tome identification you’re looking for, you’re in the right place. I’ll do my best to pull data from the device, as long as it is in working condition.”

The Elezen began by pouring the ordered tea for his client, then offering her a seat at one of the tables.

“Please help yourself to any of the snacks. This shouldn’t take too long.”

He pursed his lips as he studied the state of the Tome, then took up a small cleaning device to help remove additional dirt, especially around the connectors. Plugging in a Tome with debris would not only skew the chances of pulling good data from the Tome, but also could cause dirty connections with other Tomes. So he took his time to clean it up the best he could.

Though I tried to clean this the best I could, I’m still having difficulty keeping this Tome connected to my device. It may have been immersed in the soil for a while – since you noted that you found it while gardening – and that’s not the best environment for a Tome to endure. While the outside seems fine, data containment within may have been corroded due to moisture, dirt and… dare I say… earth critters that may have found their way inside.

However, the data I was able to snapshot seems of a very common kind. From the best of my abilities, I’ve translated the topic to be: Allag’s Guide to General and Specialized Encyclopedias.

This might be of interest to some Allagan scholars, but the condition of the Tome may make studying it difficult. I highly suggest making a copy of the data.

Amon returned the Tome to his client with a short summary. “The Tome’s data is pretty common information, but could be of interest to those studying Allagan culture. However, the state of the Tome prevents it from being of higher value as it has trouble staying connected and pulling data.

“Still, making a copy of the data is an option, so you may find some interest in passing off the data itself with that in mind.”

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Tome Appraisal for Torvan Hillway

From the Client…

So, found this thing out in the field a while back, and made a trip out to the House of Splendors after a meeting in Mor Dhona (that honestly could have been an email). Rowena and her girls took a look at it, and said they didn’t recognize it, and none of her equipment could pull anything from it.

Looks plain enough, black/blue tomestone, but I’m not versed enough in tomes to know what’s what with them. So I started working down the line through my contacts and they recommended me to you. If you guys can’t figure it out, it’s either going in my forge or my junk drawer as a paperweight.

Tea’s not really my thing, too rich and fancy for my blood, but, I’ll pick up an Earl Grey Esoterics for the road. Uh…I’ll kick in 5k, seems about right for something so specialized.

My name? Oh right, Torvan Hillway, I work for Tenth Round Security Consulting, and am contracted with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.

Tome Attributes: No, just not readable by Rowena

Gil Donation: 5,000

Tea Order: Earl Grey Esoterics

“Greetings and well me, Mr. Hillway! ‘Tisn’t every day I have a client of your importance call upon my skills. You can rest assured I can figure your Tome out, even if Rowena couldn’t,” Amon gave a polite half-bow as he took the Tome and carefully inspected it with a glance.

Though the fellow was right – this did look like a plane Tome – he got the sense that he might be in for a bit of a challenge. That thought sparked a bit of excitement. Especially should he be able to show up Rowena to someone that works in close with the Scions!

“No worries about the tea. You can help yourself to whatever snacks we have out on the table. Some sweets, some small sandwiches. Hopefully you’ll find something to your liking.”

Amon headed behind the machine and opened a special slot on the side. He had a hunch that it would take more than a normal reading for this… but he had just the thing!

You did bring me a challenging one, my friend. I can see why Rowena had a time with it – ’tis encrypted with an Allagan cypher, which requires a specialized program to crack. Thankfully, this cypher was nothing on a professional level, just enough to deter the average individual if the Tome had fallen into outside hands.

So what data was so important that the Tome was encrypted, you might ask?

Well, this seems to be a set of documents and journals written by a group who called themselves the Philosophical Forum. In fact, the folder names itself as: Studies of the Philosophical Forum.

That may not appear to be top secret information to you, but looking through this content, many names are listed of individuals involved in this Forum. In the final days of Allag, those who had different thoughts from the leadership could find themselves… disappearing… If you know what I mean.

So encrypting this data was one way to keep the names and their beliefs hidden from the wrong parties. That being said, the encryption also worked to keep the data very well preserved as it could not be accessed. I’ve cracked the cypher for you and made the copy of the data you requested. But should you try to read the Tome again without the proper machine, you’ll run across the same issue.

I’d wager, however, those interested in learning about encryption placed on historical data formats would be very interested in trying to reverse engineer how it works…

“This Tome could be worth quite a bit to those who are looking to learn about encryption and security of data.” Amon handed his client the Tome and the backup of the data. “Though if you do decided to sell this technology, choose your buyer wisely. If someone figures out how to crack an encryption, they can eventually decipher how to create an encryption… or even spin-offs of it.”

Amon gave a grim nod to Torvan, all the while thinking maybe it would be good to invest in strengthening his own cypher programs. He’d not expected to run across an encrypted Tome so soon. Thankfully, this was only a minor encryption that took him little time to crack.

“‘Tis up to you, but seeing you noted that security is in your realm of interest… Mayhaps yours is the safest hand to keep it.”

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Tome Appraisal for Altuun Dalamiq

From the Client…

Altuun’s arrival this time around would be heralded by the brief clomping of boots before the door opened. The reason would become apparent once she entered– the Xaela had apparently been hard at work doing gods-know-what in the dirt somewhere, judging by the amount of dried mud she knocked off of her boots.

“Pray forgive the mess,” Altuun sighed, taking a moment to brush the rest of the dirt off of her sleeves before entering the tea room. Were it not for the unmistakably fluffy amethyst carbuncle perched on her shoulder, Amon would be forgiven for not recognizing her at first: flannel, suspenders, and mining gear were a far cry from her previous scholarly attire.

Once she had taken a seat, Altuun helped herself to a couple of the offerings from the array of goodies before getting down to business.

“After thinking on the previous tomestone I had brought you, I managed to secure permission from Maelstrom command for an expedition to Carteneau,” she explained, pausing for a sip of her tea before producing a small lockbox not unlike the one she had used the first time. With a quick tap of her ring, the box popped open, revealing the tomestone in question, as well as a solitary Allagan platinum piece, both of which she handed over to Amon.

“I did a… little bit of digging, and as you can see, I’ve met with some success. I may not have come across my original target, but this seems promising enough,” the Xaela concluded, punctuating her explanation with an eager bite of one of the sandwiches she had snagged on her arrival.

In the event that Amon happened to steal a closer look at the box’s contents this time, it seemed that there was one additional item present in the box: a roughly first-sized leather pouch, clasped shut and tucked along the bottom of the lockbox. Perhaps her expedition yielded more than expected?

Tome Attributes: A small placard on the outside edge. It reads ‘PA 1/5’.

Gil Donation: 10,000, in the form of one Allagan platinum piece

Tea Order: Green Genesis

“Altuun, ’tis good to see you again. I hope all is well?” he welcomed her with the same aplomb as on her first trip to his little shop. His beaming grin expressed cheer and pride that she’d choose to return for yet another assessment.

Amon’s eyes then widened a bit at the sight of not just at Tome but a very generous donation. As well as a curious lockbox that – somewhat to his embarrassment – he couldn’t help stealing a few glances at.

“‘Twould appear that you’ve had some excitement since we last spoke. Mayhaps one day, you’ll see fit to share with this bard some of your tales and expeditions?”

For now, though, the Elezen poured his client her green tea and got to work on deciphering what her newest find might be.

My friend, you must have a real nose for treasure. You’ve brought me yet another stunning piece, well preserved and likely to be of value to a collector. ‘Tis hard to determine if the placard was an original part of the Tome or placed there later. But either way, this Tome has already been marked as if part of some collection at one time or another.

The data reads easily – did I mention I could back the content up for you this time? And in looking at the topic, a rough translation might be: Beyond Sustainability – A Thriving Allagan Environment

This seems to be a well researched plan put together about how to reverse some of the damage that technology had done to the environment during the Allagan age. Of course, most of that isn’t relevant anymore… but seeing that technology is becoming more and more sought after, it could serve as a warning on what we should and shouldn’t do with that knowledge. In order to prevent the same from happening again, of course.

Amon returned the Tome and a small SDTome copy to Altuun. He also fished out a list of scholars and scientists that could make good use of this information, marking their names for her.

“I’d wager that this information would be of high interest to the environmental and scientific community. I’d start with some of these names here first and see if you have any takers. I’m sure someone with a forward-thinking mindset will recognize the value in looking on the past environmental mistakes the Allagans made. Good luck to you and I hope your future ventures go well!”

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Tome Appraisal for Jayih’a Panipahr

From the Client…

A tired-looking silver-haired Miqo’te enters, adjusting his spectacles as he scans the room. He approaches the counter, holding out a tome, a bit sheepish.

“I’ve been holding on to this for some time now. Just never got the chance to have it appraised.” Jayih’a sighed, setting it down. “My Chocobo spotted it and now she won’t leave it alone. Pulls the blasted thing out of my saddlebag when I’m not looking to play with it. Figured I should make sure there’s nothing of use on it before she ruins it completely.”

Tome Attributes: Nothing outstanding – it looks worn with fresh scratches. It’s also a bit damp.

Gil Donation: 500

Tea Order: Earl Grey Esoterics

“Greetings, my friend! You’ve come to the right place, then,” Amon noted the Miqo’te’s tired expression and quickly set about making him some warm tea. “Have some of this and take a rest while I work. Hopefully ’twill pep you up some.”

The Elezen then took the Tome, noting the dampness and determining the cause to likely be chocobo dribble. He had to force himself to not spray the entire thing down with sanitizer, figuring that might seem rude, despite his concern of germs and the like. Who knows where a chocobo has been – even the best-kept ones!

Thankfully, your chocobo hasn’t caused any long-term damage to the Tome that I can see. In fact, it connects and displays data quite well for its age. ‘Tis a good thing because you might just have something of worth on your hands.

From what I can tell, this data is well-preserved and may even be fairly unique to this Tome. I don’t see signs of it having been copied several times over. It almost appears to be the authentic draft, in fact.

The topic of this Tome translates to: Healer’s Handbook of Law & Ethics

Aye, you might think ’tis strange that Allagans had ethics on the mind. But ’twere still some who did – namely those who had the ambitions to be healers. While much medical practice was left to the technology of the time, this was a guide to those who had a heart to heal the people directly through more manual methods. A rare thing, indeed.

Amon completed making the copy of the Tome’s contents on the SDTome for the client – secretly making a copy of it for himself as well. This would be interesting reading, especially since he’d just started to learn about the ways of healing in Eorzea.

“Here you are, my friend,” the Elezen provided both original Tome and copy to the owner. Additionally, he hande over a list of potential Tome collectors with a few names circled. “If ’tis a topic to your interest, there may be a bit to learn from this. If not, I’d suggest seeing if you can find a buyer. I’ve noted some folks that you might want to start with. But hold out for a good bid. ‘Tisn’t everyday that you find authentic data on this topic.”

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Tome Appraisal for Setoto Seto

From the Client…

Setoto opened the door and curiously looked around the tearoom. After taking in the sights and smells for a bit, the lalafell walked confidently up to the counter.

“Hello, sir,” she said, placing the tome in front of her, “Alka Zolka and I found this strange tome in the ruins of Nym. Alka thinks an adventurer might have left it there, but I believe it likely it had already been there when Nym still existed. What do you think? And what does it even do?”

Tome Attributes: It appears to have a small sigil scratched onto it, but time had made it undecipherable. It’s slightly warm and damp to the touch.

Gil Donation: 5000 Gil and a little red Tonberry lantern

Tea Order: Strawberry Apple Soldiery

“Hello, my friend!” Amon replied to the polite Lalafell with a pleasant smile. “Exploring the ruins of Nym, are you? I admit, I’ve not been there myself, but I am quite curious to know more of the place. You must have some interesting stories to tell?”

He then began fixing her tea as he peered questioningly at the little red Tonberry lantern offered up as a donation. It would make a fine decoration for the shop, he decided.

“As for the Tome, it may be hard to say where it has resided – in the ruins or with an adventurer – but should it work, ’tis a data containment object that holds ancient records from the time of Allag,” he explained. “I should be able to tell you what sort of information it has and make a back up of it, as long as the Tome is in working order. So let’s be about it, aye?”

This Tome appears to be in good working condition. Additionally, the data looks to be an early copy of the text, and perhaps fairly uncommon for what it ’tis. I’d wager this might have some value with a collector or a scholar – so you might want to take it and see if you can either learn from it yourself or get bids from others interested it the topic.

The topic loosely translated is: Scripture and Science: An Allagan’s Reflections on Tribal Doctrine

Even I’m a little curious about the studies an Allagan may have made on the beliefs of the peoples outside the Empire during that time. Certainly, it would have historical value to someone!

Amon returns the Tome and a copy of the content on an SDTome card to his client. “I’m afraid that gives little information on how long the Tome remained in Nym. But seeing that you have information of historical significance upon it, maybe finding a buyer could help financially support your studies in the ruins? I hope this is helpful to you and that you enjoyed your tea!”

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Tome Appraisal for Hero “Shadeseer” Hikara

From the Client…

The young scion and cafe owner was more curious about Amon’s tea blends than the information on the tomestone he’d found while gathering tea leaves in Coerthas. He had half a mind to offer some of his own seasonal blends to the menu too, a rose honey lemon herbal tea or a blackberry and thyme oolong. Maybe even that Apricot Orange Green Tea he’d been planning to put on his own menu this year.

So armed with a portion of yesterday’s profits and some samples of his own tea blends, the Miqo’te went to go get the lightly damaged tomestone appraised.

Tome Attributes: It’s got a gash through one of the lines- I found it under some rubble

Gil Donation: 15,000

Tea Order: Earl Grey Esoterics

“Welcome, my friend!” Amon greeted the new client as he appeared at the counter. The Elezen took into account two things – first the Tomestone and second… was that tea blends that the Miqo’te was carrying?

No… no… Amon could not let himself get distracted during business hours. Though he was ever so curious!

Instead, he steeped one of his best cups of Earl Grey for the client, offered him a comfy chair to sit, and took the Tome to his workstation to give it a look. He took note instantly of the small gash on the Tome’s outer shell, and found it made it somewhat difficult to insert into the reader from the outset. He didn’t want to force it too much – he’d only just gotten this machine running the past few months, after all!

Mmm… this gash through the Tome may seems small, but it has done it no favors. I’m able to boot it up, but it disconnects frequently, and some of the data appears to be corrupted in places. I’ve done my best to read what I could from it. Making a backup was challenging, and the data is probably choppy and unreadable in places despite my efforts.

From what I can gather, the topic of this tome is: Dictionary of Allag Law

My guess is this was a fairly common law reference, so I doubt that you’ll find any value in the content of this Tome, especially as degraded as it is.

“I’m afraid I can’t offer you much more than an an attempted backup of the data,” Amon told the Miqo’te as he handed both the Tome and the SDTome over. “I doubt the original is going to be running for all that much longer. There’s a bit of damage done, and the connectors are suffering for it. But I also don’t believe the content was worth worrying over. There are likely a number of copies of this topic out there.”

The Elezen rubbed his chin. “I’m sorry I can’t give you a better reading that this but… I can’t help but notice… you wouldn’t happen to be a tea enthusiast, would you?”

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Tome Appraisal for Industria Rigel

From the Client…

Industria smiles as she places her tomestome down. She honestly doesn’t care what is on it.

“I hope this one has something interesting for you, but we both know I’m really just here for the tea. May I try the Lavender Law this time?”

Tome Attributes: It sometimes glows when I’m talking, but I can’t tell why

Gil Donation: 10,000

Tea Order: Lavender Law

Amon perked up at the client’s name. He recognized this as a previous client who had chosen to drop off their Tome the last time… and had returned this time in-person. That was surely a win!

“Welcome again to you! So the reputation of my tea has won you over?” the Elezen gave her his best smile as he poured her some Lavender Law. “Please feel free to help yourself to any of the treats on the table. I’ll have your Tome read in a short order, my friend!”

As they were conversing, Amon took note that the Tome appeared to glow when they spoke certain words. Curious, indeed!

Well, this whole glowing thing has me really interested. As you might have already deduced, ’tis responding to certain spoken words that are similar to commands that its previous Allagan masters may have coded into it. Given that languages are a bit different, it would take a while to decode exactly what commands ’tis looking for.

But I’ll say ’tis a very interesting and unique find in and of itself! Should you locate someone who wished to replicate the AI of the Tome, you might have a bargaining chip on your hands.

As for the content… This could also be of some interest to a scholar.

The title roughly translates to: Where Did it Start? Superstitions, Customs and their Strange Origins

So in terms of value, I’d say the technology of the Tome may be worth more than the data. Either way, I’ll make a backup for you. Then you can decide for yourself.

“Did you enjoy your tea?” Amon inquired as he returned the odd Tomestone to his client. He also offered a small SDTome with a backup of the content the original Tome held.

“I’d advise you to bring this Tome to those interested in breaking down and replicating Allagan technology. You should get a fair offer for it based on its AI behavior alone. Shop around a bit and get a good offer. You don’t see many Tomes like this anymore.”

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Tome Appraisal for Eolyn Viera

From the Client…

The quiet bard wanders back into the shop again, casually taking a seat at one of the tables before handing over said tome to Amon with a sheepish smile.

“Another thing I found, though, er. I attempted to clean it,” She pointed to the spots less dusty, “but I accidentally dropped it in my bucket of water.” before pointing to the rusted edge.

“Hopefully it’s not too badly damaged?”

Tome Attributes: It’s very rusted on one end, and a little dusty.

Gil Donation: 1,000

Tea Order: Caramel Creation

Amon perked up at the sight of Eolyn entering the shop. He wasn’t sure why, but it was nice to have the occasional company of the other bard whenever they crossed paths. Due to the lack of significance in his previous Tome reading for her, he was worried she might not find value in his services. So it was somewhat a relief to see her return again.

The Elezen’s eyebrows arched up a bit at the sight of the Tome, especially after hearing that it was submerged in water. Tomes were sturdy, and often made to be water proof. But the fact that it was already rusting didn’t bode well.

He fixed her some tea – the Caramel Creation she’d ordered – and said with a hopeful note in response, “Well, I can’t promise anything but all we can do is try to read it and see what comes of it. If nothing else, at least I can offer you a personal backup of the data now should it boot up!”

He was quite proud of his system’s new feature and didn’t hesitated to advertise his excitement at trying it out the first time.

I… don’t know what to make of this Tome, really. It seems to be functioning – sturdier than it looks, my friend. But perhaps it had already gone through its share of trials even before you discovered it.

What do I mean by this? Well. The title itself is a novel. And the content within? Who even knows what all it might contain.

Are you ready for this?

The topic roughly translates to… *deep breath*

The Most Shocking, Pernicious, and Destructive Practices of Many in this Empire, Who Make and Sell Edibles and Drinkables : Whereby Many Languish in their Health and Lose their Lives, Founded on Verity and Facts

Sounds like someone in Allag was spiking the punch. Or worse.

Light bedtime reading, perhaps?

Amon returned the Tome to Eolyn and provided her with an additional SDTome – a tiny, odd-shaped flat object that was meant to fit into a slot on most Tomephones.

“So here you are. Quite an unusual topic and an unusual Tome, I’d say. I’m not sure how much it would fetch amongst the scholarly crowd. But someone might be interested in the wrong-doings of Allagans and their food making. Who knows.”

The Elezen then motioned to the SDTome with a proud grin.

“Either way, you have a backup of the content of that Tome for your own use. Rest assured that these shocking, pernicious and destructive practices won’t be lost to history any time soon!”

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Tome Appraisal for Eirja Silfjallr

From the Client…

Eirja slowly walks into the tea room, turning this way and that as she takes in all the unfamiliar sights and sounds. Her ears flatten, and then perk again, before she steps towards the machine. “I found this… I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s dangerous. Should destroy it…” She seems to be talking more to herself than anyone else.

Tome Attributes: Everything about it looks strange to me…

Gil Donation: 500

Tea Order: Lavender Law

Amon tilted his head at the Tome as his client placed it on the counter before him. She seemed quite wary of it and he wondered if it had given her reason to be.

“I doubt the Tome itself is dangerous, my friend,” the Elezen answered, making her some lavender tea in hopes that would ease her concerns some. “But I can check to see what’s on it for you. If you deem the information on it dangerous, you’re more than welcome to destroy it. But it might be worth something to someone. ‘Tis why you brought it here to determine, aye?”

He makes sure that she can see everything he’s doing with T.H.E.M. and her Tome as he carries out the scan. He didn’t want to give her any other reason to be concerned or wary of what he was doing.

So, in scanning this, what I’m finding is a perfectly normal, common Tome. Nothing to be afraid of at all! The data shows signs of corruption that comes over time, and it was a little hard for my machine to read. I’m not sure how much longer it’ll remain in working condition.

From what I can see, the topic translates to: Annals of the Academy of Law and Social Sciences

As you can see, this is a collection of annually published work of Allagan law and social sciences. This might be of historical interest, but the trouble is, the Tome’s data quality would make it difficult to research from. Nothing at all to be afraid of. But likely something to trade in at Roweena’s if you do nothing else with it.

Of course, you could destroy it if you still want to. For science.

“So you see, nothing to fear here. Just a common Tome with old data. I doubt it would get you much to sell it, so do as you see fit with it,” Amon tells her gently as he returns to the Tome. “I do hope you enjoyed your tea, however. Feel free to return if you ever find any other Tomes that cause you concern!”

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Tome Appraisal for Inge Sjasaris

From the Client…

“Oh hello, Sir! I’ve been told you do tome appraisals? I’ve found that tome during one of my expeditions and I had a mind to offer it to my wif…friend but I’d like to know its worth and purpose beforehand. She’s an archeologist, you see. If it holds any historical value, it might save it from being used as a paperweight.”

Tome Attributes: Suspiciously well preserved, faintly glowing in the dark

Gil Donation: 2,000

Tea Order: Earl Grey Esoterics

“Ah, greetings my friend!” Amon welcomed his newest client, nodding as he listed to the explanation. “You’ve come to the right place, I assure you of that! ‘Twould be a shame to have a paperweight that might be of true value. But let us check and see what I can determine from a scan.”

The Elezen set a fresh cup of earl grey down on the table, motioning to the chair with a flourish of one hand.

“Please make yourself at home. ‘Twon’t take very long to complete!”

Hmm… I’m curious about the glow this Tome gives off. I’ll wager a guess that this was an enhancement made to the Tome. To make it found more easily in a library of Tomes, perhaps? ‘Tis hard to tell.

‘Tis also in extremely good condition and the data is responsive. No loss that I can detect. This may possibly be an original edition of this documentation! I’d say that you have something worthwhile on your hands here.

The topic title translates roughly to: Information Technology as a Competitive Advantage

Interesting. I wonder what kind of advantage – military… monetary…? This might have some very valuable information to those who work with technology! Don’t go using it as a paperweight just yet!

Amon brings the Tome back to his client and offers it carefully. He then pulls out a parchment and begins to make circles around names of possible Tome and technology collectors who might be interested in striking a deal.

“Try some of these people first and see what kind of bids you can get for this. ‘Tis an unusual Tome to look at for one, and the information it contains may be of value to the technological community. Or keep it if you might have a better use for this knowledge!

“Feel free to return if your archeologist friend happens across any other interesting finds!”

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