Spot of Mummery on Royal Road

I’ve known about the writing website Royal Road for a while, but I’ve only just signed up and started posting Spot of Mummery there last night. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the site design, the overall feel and the community. So I’m going to see if I can find an audience for my writing there.

I’m also reworking the Story Archive page to be more streamlined, especially for mobile reading. Along with that, I’m planning on reposting Spot of Mummery chapters in the Post format – they’re currently in Page format – to give them a bit more exposure in the WordPress Reader environment. While I’m doing this, I’ll be editing the original stories just a little bit – I’ve come to realize there’s some vocabulary inconsistencies in the earliest writings, before Amon got some of his language quirks.

I’m going to try to post a chapter a day on Royal Road, so I’m also going to try to be consistent with that on the main site to keep them on the same chapter.

If you’re a writer who’s interested in joining Royal Road or you’re already a member there, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to exchange follows! We could use more FFXIV fanfic there if you feel like branching out!

100 WordPress Followers – Thank You!

Over the weekend, Spot of Mummery got its 100th follower from the WordPress community! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this blogging project here with your likes, comments and visits! It means the world to me!

If you’re a WordPress blogger and you’re interested in seeing Spot of Mummery in your WP Reader, just click this button (located on the right sidebar of each post) to subscribe!

Thanks again!

Koh’s New Old Hairstyle (Thoughts on Writing)

So I was somewhat zoning out while running Koh around for the Starlight quest – it’s a sweet quest line but when you’ve done it 10 times already, your mind starts to wander.

I started to think about how I haven’t really done Koh (or many of the OCs I write for) a lot of justice or given them screentime in 2020. In terms of developing them and writing stories for them along with Amon’s story, I mean.

I suddenly got the itch to return Koh’s hair back to the style used for her in-game NPC during this rain of thoughts. I like the braided short style, but Koh really looks like Koh with her long hair.

There’s a lot to consider for her character that I really want to. I think I’m going to make it a writing goal to cover these stories in 2021. I have a number of them in mind such as…

  • Zuri’s Ponytale
  • Ajir’s return (yep!)
  • Koh and Noah’s eventual resolution (maybe?)
  • Tad’s entire story! (I have so many ideas here)

And that’s not to count the development I want to work on for Amon. Now he’s getting into Red Magery and other adventures can begin!

I have plenty of stories to tell in 2021, that’s for sure!

A Unicorn’s Tale

So, I’ve heard tell of unicorn sightings – often seen by conjurers in particular. Curious as to these rumors and the truth behind them, I’ve made to visits the Conjury Guild in the past. I didn’t have much luck seeking information in their books or from other students, however.

Today, just as I was about to head out, one of the Conjurers told me there were reports of a wounded creature, and requested my assistance in finding it and helping it however possible. I’m still not the best when it comes to tossing around healing spells, but I agreed to check it out.

When I got there, wouldn’t you know it…

This looked very much like a unicorn to me. Fascinating!

I could also tell on first glance that it was, indeed, the reported wounded creature. I wasn’t quite sure how it would respond to my advance, so I inched forward very carefully… I made no other motion but to attempt to heal its wounds.

This actually must have worked (for once) because it immediately reared up and resumed what I took to be proper unicorn posture. Though… with my lack of unicorn knowledge, ’twas hard to tell.

Our eyes met. She… for some reason I knew this was a mare… gave me a long, soul-searching look. I held my breath, not knowing what to expect. And then, before I could say or do anything, she was off, racing away like the wind.

I could only marvel to myself as I headed back to report the incident to the Conjurer at the Guild.

Indeed, the Conjurer confirmed I had found and healed an elusive unicorn. But not only that… apparently that moment of shared onlooking, ’twas a sign of trust and kinship. How a creature known to be so pure could find kinship in me… ’tis absolutely baffling.

However, I was given a special horn and told to use it once outside of the township. When I did, much to my surprise, my new unicorn friend appeared as if out of nowhere! And she was more than willing to bear me wherever the wind would take us!