FFXIV: Further Misadventures with Scylla

Posts Originally From: October 21 – November 30, 2018

More antics between Amon and Scylla…

Target to Ignore

Scylla makes her thoughts on Amon known.


Scylla makes her thoughts on Amon further known. 

Amon turns it around.

Nice Friend

Amon is such a nice friend that he helped Scylla get through her final battles to complete 4.0.

Syrcus Tower Run

Every now and then, folks in our Syrcus Tower parties realize we’re there. This was one of those days.

B – A – D

“Yes, I agree!”


“Just larkin’ around. Why you always gotta look so serious, Scylla?” 

Scylla’s Robe of Healing

Last night, Scylla won Scylla’s Robe of Healing.

I’m not sure why she’s so unhappy about wearing it, though! It matches her hat!

Mr. Bubbles

Amon’s new little pet goldfish – Mr. Bubbles. It was one of those fish you win at a fall festival game of skill, gifted to him by Scylla. XD 

He’s also collecting various miniature toys for his lab. He just got the Invincible II model tonight! 

Hatching Tide Art Party

On Sunday, Scylla, I and a few friends attended an art party hosted by the FC Baha Blast! We had a great time dancing and playing in the lovely egg ball pit they had set up. It was a good ending to a pretty social weekend for us, and I hope to continue to visit events and art parties like this more often in the future.