FFXIV: Ishgard Restoration 5.4 Rankings

I wasn’t fully sure how deep I wanted to go this time around during the Restoration seeing that I’ve already got the basic title on two of my characters, including Amon.

Tad was the only other character that even had a chance to rank, though all three of the crafters I’d worked on for him were only in the 50s when the Restoration started. Since you don’t get points towards the leaderboard until you’re level 80, I decided to push his Goldsmith to 80 and give it a try.

If I’d known then what I knew now, I would have had all this prepared long in advance! He’s not my richest character, but he still ended up blowing a couple million on leveling gear and materials because I was trying to push to 80 as quickly as possible. I’m sure he’ll make it back eventually…

Anyhow, when all was said and done, Tad came in at rank 60. Considering he didn’t even start contributing to the leaderboard for the first few days, and he certainly didn’t have the gear to tackle the advanced crafts, it wasn’t too bad. He gets a title and that’s all I was after!

Well… maybe not all. I had terrible luck with Kupo O’ Fortune until this week. I was really shooting to get at least one set of Casual Attire and the Trike. I had so many failed cards in these attempts, then finally, I won the attire and the Trike back to back!

The follow up to this was I actually won a second set of Casual Attire after that. So now, both Tad and Amon have a set! I was a little conflicted when I won the first one because I couldn’t decide who to give it to. Glad that luck was on my side in the end.

For a Low, Low Cost…

“…Of 2,000 Skybuilder Scripts, I will trade you this amazingly delicious apple!”

“‘Tis one of a kind! You’ll never find another quite like it!”

“Imagine your regret tomorrow if you don’t take me up on this incredible offer!”

“Hurry or I’m gonna bite it! I’m biting it!!”

Tad might be a WoL… but he’s also Amon’s cousin. XD

It’s Tad’s Nameday

Which means, a year ago today, I created Tad as a character in game. I’d already been exploring him as part of Amon’s background for months prior, but he wasn’t actually in game until this day. 

Even back then I didn’t know how I could piece him into Amon’s current story, nor did I imagine making him the Warrior of Light from the 4th Age. But now I have some ideas and plans, so hopefully year two will be full of stories for him!

Inktober 18 – WoL Pair (NPC/WoL)

I don’t have a NPC/WoL pair – Tad is happily married. So I modified this prompt a bit. 

Amon is technically an NPC, so have a moment of familial affection between cousins. Their skills actually complement each other quite well when they work together… if they stop competing against each other long enough to make that happen. XD

Also, first sketch of Tad with the new hairstyle!