I Call This Look…

“…Druid Amon!”

This look lasted all of one dungeon as I got Amon to 16 on Conjurer last night, took him through one leveling roulette (healed my first dungeon in forever – Sastasha, yay!), and ended up level 20 by the end of it. Dang does it dump the experience on low level jobs now days!

Koh Got Amon’s Hat!

I’ve been running Alliance with Koh every now and then to level her. Got ST tonight, and Amon’s Hat drops.))

I was shocked that I greeded on it and actually got it. Especially since one of our FC buddies was leveling his Bard and I was pretty sure he didn’t have the hat. Afterwards, I asked him why he passed on it. 

Told you that you were getting posted!