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Da Boot

Posted: 7-12-18

Starving Artist

Posted: 7-15-18

Amon Discovers Minion Roulette

Posted: 7-22-18

The Burn

Posted: 8-5-18

A New Hobby

Posted: 8-12-18


Posted: 9-18-18

You Reap What You Sew

Posted: 7-28-18 (Back in the days when Stealth was a thing for gatherers)

Misplaced A Rank

Posted: 9-12-18

When you’re just a baby miner trying to get a level by gathering iron ore for a Grand Company turn in… and there’s an A Rank haunting the area in front of Copperbell Mines where you need to gather.

-Follow up-

What it feels like…

Unmoving Gates of Ishgard

Post: 7-23-18

Latrine Duty

Posted: 10-30-18

The New Recruit

Posted: 7-29-18