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Character Profiles


Aislinn North 🎮 💬

A quiet, unassuming Ala Mhigan nerd. Trouble manages to find her, no matter where she goes.

Allisel Daragan 🎮 💬

Allie is a Half Ala Mhigan/Garlean who served proudly in the Ala Mhigan Resistance. Though just recently learning of her Garlean family, she is now intent on learning as much as she can about a people she once believed pure evil.

August Mercer 🎮 💬

Mercer is a Brume born Magitek Engineer who has a head for Arcanima with an emphasis in warding, ritual etching, and summoning. While he was once known as a small time gunsmith, the doors of his forge have been largely closed to the public as of late. He spends much of his time taking leves, consulting with the Immortal Flames, and tinkering with personal projects that combine both magic and machina, usually for the benefit of his Free Company.


Bekizine Shadowclaw 🎮 💬

A Miqo’te half-breed often adorned in black suits, slicked back hair, rugged features and an apathetic demeanor. Infatuated with Black and Necrotic magics, Surprisingly skilled Goldsmith, Pianist, his skills are few but are pivotal to his very character.

Bohai Li 🎮 💬

A former kagema turned ‘revolutionist’ hailing from the far East with a strong love for sake and women. He’s a proud Doman who will fight tooth and nail for his people.


Eirja Silfjallr 🎮

Spirited viera viking. Outgoing and optimistic, blunt but well-meaning, and someone who lives life to the fullest.

Eliane Requingris 🎮

A new-money Ishgardian baroness well known for her manufactory, the Bellworks, her expertise in Sharlayan astromancy, and her relentlessly gregarious nature. Eliane is a useful ally in all things money or magic but a relentless meddler in business and politics.

Eligos Venator 🎮 💬

A garlean defector who has miqo’te blood in him thanks to an inherited atavism, Eligos sells himself as a mere minion-for-hire, doing any odd job that requires a little extra muscle or magitek expertise with few questions asked. He’ll consider any job for the right price, but his methods beg the question of what is more important: success, or the means by which one achieves it?


Gospel Lightfaith 🎮 💬

Free paladin. Cleric of Thaliak. Night owl. Approachable at almost any time!


Iosko’li Noukai 🎮 🐤

A foreign Miqo’te from a homebrew Keeper tribe currently finding their feet in Eorzea.


Keira Vouivre 🎮 🐤 💬

A kind-hearted Dragoon of Ishgard who carries heavy burdens of the heart, doing her best to aide those in need.


Laelia Belisar 🎮

A former Garlean pilot of the XII Legion who defected to Gridania after Specula Imperatoris. Laelia now lives a ranger’s life out of the back of her stolen airship, hiding her true identity and dreaming of the day she can return her homeland to a true republic.

L’enore Arhien 🎮 💬

A sassy, streetwise Miqo/Au Ra mix with a rebellious streak a mile wide. Despite being rough around the edges, she’s a skilled thief who can snag even the most well guarded treasures- perhaps that’s why they call her ‘Skeleton Key’!


N’zahdi Tia 🎮 🐤 💬

A Seeker of the Sun Miqo’te who loves to travel, fish, and take on odd jobs on his journeys. Has a penchant for trouble and injury but faces everything with a cheerful demeanor.


Raeventiel Beaudonet 🎮 💬

Raeventiel is a stern idealistic woman with a penchant for trouble and magic. She’s the daughter of Ser Francois Beaudonet, a beloved knight who was unfairly sentenced to death by the Holy See.


Sai Adaire 🎮 💬

He is currently an aspiring Bard. Shy, awkward. Huge Goof when in the right situations.

Saphiraux Leveilleur 🎮 🐤 ❓

Vain, obnoxious, and full of himself — Saphiraux may come off as a brash and somewhat meat-headed adventurer, but beneath it all you’ll find more than just a spoiled rich-kid exploring the world.

Susaan Kago 🎮 💬

Susaan is an Albino Xaela au ra, banished from the Kagon tribe some ten years ago. Living in Ul’dah on the streets, she stumbled upon the Mysterium FC, where she has since begun learning more advanced thaumaturgy, while still practicing as a tattoo artist.


W’seru Ihsir 🎮

Seru is well acquainted with botany all over the realm and much prefers those on the poisonous spectrum. When he isn’t in the lab or studying botanical literature and research, you can find him lounging around in the sun or anywhere that fits his needs for those lazy bones. The insatiable side comes out when he really gets into combat, but he prefers things don’t go that way. Also– sweets are his absolute weakness, but you won’t hear that come out of his mouth.


Zeehva Belrose 🎮 🐤

Zeehva Belrose is a Viera that left her forest life and name behind in favor of adventuring across Eorzea. She’s a spunky relic hunter that sells the rarities she comes across.

Event Info Pages

Lucky Sparrows 🎮

The Lucky Sparrow Entertainment Troupe — a homey little cove at the threshold into the Twelveswood, with music always in the air. The Soundcloud stage hosts live performances the last Sunday of the month. Join us for an evening, you are in for a treat!

Teatime 🎮

Visit Shroudrose Teahouse at 7:00 PM eastern time on the first and third Monday of each month (and fifth Monday, if applicable) located at Lavender Beds, Ward 5, Plot 58 nearest the Lavender Northeast Subdivision aetheryte. Come try our specialty blends of tea and tasty treats!

RP Locations

Shroudrose Teahouse & Tavern 🎮

Nestled within the Lavender Beds of the Twelveswood at Ward 5, Plot 58 is Shroudrose Teahouse & Tavern, serving delicious drinks and tasty treats! Feel free to use the establishment as an open RP venue at any time!