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Welcome to the FFXIV Role Play Directory! The goal of this site is to create a resource that helps FFXIV role players find new potential RP connections. I hope it serves you well!

If you have a link to a character profile page, RP location page or recurring RP event that you’d like to add, fill out this form to submit your information!

Want to make a RP profile for your character but don’t know where to start? Check out some tips here!

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Character Profiles


Ayo’a Ibori 🎮 🐤 💬

A Miqo’te of 30+ summers who’ll spontaneously combust should he ever be able to summon demi-Bahamut…

A’vett Abendrot 🎮 💬

Ishgardian mage Miqo’te who loves to bake and cook. More info in the carrd profile.

Event Info Pages

NightRaid Bounty Call 🎮

NightRaid’s office is open for those in search of bounties, odd jobs, and general work. Those with many different professions such as; hunters, mercenaries, exorcists, crafters, gatherers, healers, and so on are usually welcome to browse our job board located in the lobby. Otherwise, our headquarters also acts as a lounge and kitchen downstairs if visitors are looking to relax and socialize with others.

Location: Coeurl, Shirogane Ward 11 Plot 58 When: Weekly on Fridays, @9PM – 12AM EST