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Welcome to the FFXIV Role Play Directory! The goal of this site is to create a resource that helps FFXIV role players find new potential RP connections. I hope it serves you well!

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Character Profiles


Meiko Mochikoko 🎮 🐤

Meiko Mochikoko is the adopted older sister to the Warrior of Light, A’kihiko Mochikoko, a pair of orphans (a Viera and Miqo’te) taken in by ex-pirate Lalafells. She joins the Scions upon learning he slayed Ifrit, and has remained by his side since; she is a Dancer by trade, which sometimes surprises people considering how aggressive she can be.


Nasrinne Filois 🎮 💬 ❓

Born of Ishgard and the Western Coerthas Highlands, Nasrinne de Filois is the heir of House Filois. Although you won’t catch anyone calling her Lady Nasrinne. Nas is what she goes by, (or Naz, depending on your intonation.)


Pascalle Dubois

Born and raised behind Foundation’s high walls, Pascalle Dubois was originally trained as a Knight of Ishgard. Growing up before the Calamity, and fighting in the Dragonsong War, the noble Elezen has seen more than his fair share of tragedy. Pascalle has a slew of business opportunities available, not to mention the influence to find anything you might need, be it business or pleasure.


Zephirin de Valhourdin 🎮 💬

Zephirin de Valhourdin, first seat of the Heaven’s Ward— Or rather, former first seat. Mysteriously spared by the Lifestream, he has taken up adventurer work under the alias Austerlain Chevaillet.