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Welcome to the FFXIV Role Play Directory! The goal of this site is to create a resource that helps FFXIV role players find new potential RP connections. I hope it serves you well!

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Character Profiles


Ahlis Ildilayan 🐤 💬

Ahlis Ildilayan: arcanist by trade, Scion of the Seventh Dawn & Warrior of Light. Constantly on the road, Ahlis is open to adventure, contributing to her various research ventures and any potential allies... and perhaps friends, as well!


Craft Ramsay 🎮 🐤 💬 ❓

Craft Ramsay is an Ala Mhigan monk that's skilled at getting into (and out of) trouble.


J'hola Fointeaume 🎮 🐤 💬 ❓

Hyper competent bard, sticky weird idiot when she doesn't have a bow or harp in hand.


Event Info Pages

Magpies 🎮 💬

Do you enjoy occult & horror RP? MAGPIES is a discord community catering to your spookier needs! Our vision is to collaborate with various FCs and venues that employ occult & horror themes, and function as a quest-board to hand out some chilling roleplay hooks. In addition to recruiting members, we're also seeking more writers and DMs to help facilitate roleplay!