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Character Profiles


Kalina Fairhaven🎮 🐤 💬

Pirate Captain and Tavern Owner, Kalina is a mix of ruthless aggression and kind caring soul. A sell-sword, with airship and crew she'll stand by your side against your foes, for the coin. Or open her tavern to you and yours for room and board, and no shortage of libations. She's a liar's dice, but don't be afraid to roll.


Mirai Garlond🎮 🐤

Mirai Garlond is the only child of the famed Garlean Magitek Engineer Cid Garlond and the ronin from Hingashi and former Warrior of Light Yume Aino. Mirai is researching the abilities of the primal Alexander and has become a Time Mage, able to travel through time to making sure that events unfold as they should.


Yume Garlond🎮 🐤

Yume Garlond (born Yume Aino) is a Ronin from Hingashi, banished from her former homeland by her Daimyo father. She is currently a Warrior of Light and married to Cid Garlond.