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Character Profiles


Amon of Syrcus 🐤

He’s the revived form of the fallen Allagan Technomancer, Amon. However, not everything is going as he planned.



Catherina Renard 🎮

Dalmascan Midlander Hyur leader of the Aetherwatch Society free company. Mystic Knight, lover and fashion adept.



Esredes Rosemond 🎮 💬

A former Temple Knight turned leading figure of Iceheart’s heretics, Esredes is a reserved individual for whom much is said about. Some believe him to be a malevolent and manipulative force out to corrupt everyone he sees into a life of horrible heresy, while others would insist to the grave he is a supportive and healing force, an unsung hero of great proportions, but no matter what is true or not, he is an unwavering force always pushing on towards his goals until the day he finally ceases to be.

Eynar Wolfshowl 🎮 🐤 💬

Eynar is Ala Mhigan by birth, a refugee living outside Ul’dah since he was twelve. An adventurer by trade he takes on any job that pays, within reason, though his social skills need a lot of work.



Fenetrie Leveilleur 🎮 🐤

He seems to have a mysterious past.. Or is it a future? A quiet scholar working for the Scions, and helping his husband out at the Cracked Cluster when not busy. Will tell you about his husband and kids without you asking.



Jacques Cresent 🎮 🐤

The Obsidian and Platinum Devil, Jacques is the direct descendant of Bahamut and Nidhogg making him a Great Wyrm. His overall design is based around Bahamut Zero from FF7 and a lot of his history/backstory was adapted from my FF7 version of him. Meant for people who do not mind lore bending characters.



Katalin Corsa 🎮 💬

Katalin is a mercenary turned performer with a habit of stumbling into things. She helped found Cirque which is a performance troupe and in no way a front for a group of dysfunctional spies with occasional violent streaks.



Ljotur Yalre 🎮 🐤 💬

A Rava Viera from the small village of Yalre in the Golmore Jungle, has been a refugee from his homeland since his eighteenth birthday. Transient by nature he does not stay in one place long enough to be seen but enjoys watching city life from afar. Has only recently begun forays into settlements to assimilate to a normal life and to look for work as a curious adventurer.



Maha Lucrette 🎮 🐤

Maha Lucrette, a clanless Keeper seeking literally anything that catches her fancy. Likes to do fun and unusual things, preferably without spending an excess of energy.



Naivah Forrest 🎮 🐤 ❓

A shroud raised midlander who seems to be running from a mysterious past. Lurking about in the deep forests of the shroud operating as a guide and ranger. Always on the lookout for adventurers or travelers that may be lost or injured, and also protecting the slyphs and other shroud occupants from poachers and beasts. She is also very passionate about plants and makes her own tea blends.

Naoh’li Moshantu 🎮 🐤 💬

Having a connection to the stars, Naoh is what one would call an amateur diviner and he is always looking for people to give readings to. Traveling all over Eorzea, he seeks company and is friendly to anyone that comes his way.



Roland Plantagenet 🎮 🐤 💬

Roland is a low born knight/dragoon who spends most of his time in and around Coerthas. Love and always looking for all types of rp.

Rolling Stone 🎮 💬

Ex-gladiator and current muscle-for-hire, Rolling Stone retired in the midst of a fight fixing scandal that was quickly forgotten in the chaos of the Calamity. Since then, he’s put himself in a tremendous amount of debt and has taken to adventuring to help keep collectors at bay. He’s always on the lookout for an opportunity to make some coin or, failing that, enjoy some good company.



Saide 🎮 💬

By day, a snarky perfumer crafting unique scents for the upper crust; by night, a voidsent hunter with more than a couple chips on her shoulder. If this mysterious woman is keeping secrets, they’re certainly not the ordinary kind.

Setoto Seto 🎮 🐤 💬

~ This page contains Level 80 SCH questline spoilers! ~ After fifteen hundred years, and thanks to the WoL, Surito Carito and Alka Zolka, Setoto has finally been turned back into a Lalafell. She aims to summon her faerie, help Surito Carito cure the tonberries, and of course, spend time with Alka Zolka, all while getting used to this new world without Nym.



Toshinaku Bajhiri 🎮 🐤 ❓

Known as the Void Serpent, Toshinaku has quite the past history where he was once a Miqo’te of the Bajhiri clan. Turned into a Voidsent with a connection to the ‘dead forest’ he is an interesting and unique character. Meant to be used more for people who enjoy lore bending characters and the like.



Y’aromirr Okeya 🎮 🐤 💬

A Green mage, swordsman, & father. With his fleetingly discussed past and never-dying flowers all around his home, this Seeker has secrets aplenty, and an undeniable drive to compete.


RP Locations

Cirque 🎮

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! CHILDREN OF ALL AGES! Come One, Come All to Cirque’s wondrous HOUSE OF MYSTERY! A place where dreams are made real, and shows of mirth and merry occur! Performances are on the last Saturday of each month at 9pm Eastern.

The Cracked Cluster 🎮

Welcome to home away from home at the Cracked Cluster! Owned and operated by Feldspar Ruby-Leveilleur, the Cracked Cluster is a tavern that combines delicious foods with a down-home feel. The Cracked Cluster also offers a variety of spirits and drinks on tap — each brewed in-house. Choose from our selection of wines, mead, or teas and coffees to complement any meal.

Uranami Onsen 🎮

Uranami Onsen by the Sea is a full board ryokan with luxury onsen & sento, izakaya, general wellness & saunas.