^No Rest for the Wicked...^

Posted on: October 3, 2022

So much for this being an island paradise. As far as I’ve seen so far, this has been a catfish into finding ways for me to get my hands dirty and my back aching!

The first crops have come in and guess who does the harvest? Yes. Yours truly!

I suppose I can put this towards resources for the workshops and feed for the critters, but it’s still not easy work, despite what you might think!

The mammets also presented me with a brand new tool, though I’m rather regretting this one. A shovel! Wooo!

Now I’m not just digging in the dirt in the croplands, but digging up clay along the river banks and metallic sands within the river beds. I suppose it’s all going to a good purpose, however, as I’ve been upgrading tools for the mammets to use, too.

And boy did they get busy when I gave the word! They cleared out yet another section, providing perfectly sculpted plots for… you guessed it… more work for ME to do!

Though, I was informed that I can build a Granary, which apparently sends mammets on resource gathering expeditions. Finally, I get some help on that front! Seems as if they can bring back rare resources, too.

But before I can build that… yes. I must go out and get the materials for it. I was gifted with yet another rustic tool – the harvesting scythe!

I found this one interesting as now, all these small trees and shrubs are giving up more important resources such as hemp, sugar cane and cotton. Plus it’s fairly fun to swing it around – maybe I should look into learning how to be a Reaper one day. Would that be fitting, you think?

Probably not.

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