^Upgrades, Upgrades Everywhere!^

Posted on: October 6, 2022

I soon discovered that ‘tisn’t good enough to merely build a structure, the mammets are also capable of upgrading those structures, too. All of them, except for the landmarks – even the pastures and farmland. Well, if I’m going to be working on this project anyhow, I may as well put my everything into it!

So, the first order of business was to upgrade the cozy cabin.

It was still cozy and still a cabin when it was done, but just slightly more accommodating. For one thing, it has a bed in the back. Finally, somewhere to rest after all that hard work gathering things under the island sun.

Okay, so it’s a little on the rustic side and not the most comfortable bed I’ve laid in. But something is better than nothing, for sure.

It was my turn to put the mammets to work as I also learned that the pasture could be expanded. I’ll be honest – I haven’t really been out and about catching as many creatures as I probably should. I still only have the first two. But I take good care of them every day and they gift me leavings, so I’m not a terrible tender!

Still, the more room, the happier, right? So I coughed up the cowries and put in the order for expansion.

Come to find out, the croplands could also do with a bit of expansion. While the existing cropland was already enough for me to tend to, I could see the logic in being able to plant twice as much. So, again, I paid the mammets to do the work. And it was expanded.

Well, now. This island is coming along quite nicely if I might say! I’ll have to try out the new cozy cabin for a while and see what Cadu thinks of it.

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