^Bathhouse Complete,

Expansion Onwards!^

Posted on: October 11, 2022

It took the mammets a bit of time to set up the new bathhouse. Mayhaps they are looking forward to the services it brings because it felt somehow quicker than the treefort was. I still am not fully sure what all mammets would want from a bathhouse.

However, I will not begrudge the structure’s arrival. This is the first actual bit of relaxation I’ve seen on the island so far. Everything else has been that which puts me to work!

I am sure that I will get my use from the bathhouse in the future. However, my eyes moved ever forward to mammets who were most eager to clear yet another area of the island for habitation.

I did not argue the point at all. More profits to be made and less trees. Less trees mean less bugs. If ‘tis anything the island could do with ‘tis a bit of bug repellant. I wonder if my coweries could buy some of that? If not, I’m sure I could alchemize something.

Once the clearing was done, I found yet another steep, upward path awaiting.

I suppose ‘tis naught to be done when you’re building up hill and over uneven ground. 'Tis quite the workout navigating from plot to plot, however.

Up top – but not tippy top yet – were two new plots.

I could see one was meant for a workshop and the other another landmark. The landmark I haven’t built yet is a windmill, and that seems fitting to place next to a workshop. ‘Tis also nice that power here – if ‘tis such a thing – is quite green.

As exciting as ‘twas to see two more plots open, I knew that that meant for me. More work!

This time, I was ready. I’d even set aside some extra materials. Let’s see how it goes!

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