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Posted on: October 25, 2022

This is the story of blood, sweat and tears. Of forging ahead through terrible weather conditions, gritting one’s teeth, getting the work done. Come rain or high water. I buckled down and decided it was finally time to make a great push to build what hadn’t been built and upgrade the structures that had.

I’m not sure what came over me at this point. Maybe ‘twas just the frustration of seeing things in an unfinished, unrealized state.

I knew I could do better.

The mammets were there, only awaiting my action to bring the materials or build the tools that they needed. I just had to make the effort.

And what an effort ‘twas. These upgrades required great rocks and heavy logs and much ore – no little feat to gather and carry!

But once the new structures were done, I knew that productivity could only improve. And so ‘twas forward! Building after building. One structure at a time.

Not only the buildings needed tending, but the mammets also offered an extension of fields and croplands. And while I still don’t have that many creatures under my care, for when I do, I wanted the best pastures that I could build!

But even better, I discovered that I must have earned enough respect with the mammets to finally put them to the tasks they were meant to do. In building them some final tools, I was then able to pay a meager wage for the mammets to tend the crops and the pastures without my intervention!

I would, of course, have to return to reap the rewards of the work, but no longer did I have to do all the digging and mucking and feeding. I put this to use immediately with the new croplands – after the expansion, ‘twas quite a bit to look after on my own.

Also, in the middle of all the upgraded buildings, I happened to complete the landmark structure on the hillside – the windmill. More about that next time!

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