Posted on: September 7, 2022

As I made my way up what passed as a path on the hillside, I ran across the first sign of civilized life, so to speak. ‘Tis a clockwork that the Eorzeans call a “mammet.”

At first, it appeared to be a bit confused as to why I was there – as if it was expecting someone else. But I explained my arrival and my intentions, and that seemed to properly kick in whatever procedures it was meant to carry out.

I must admit that I was surprised to see such advanced clockwork on a remote island. It noted that it was Sharlayan in make, so perhaps ‘tis even more specialized than the mammets I’ve come across in Ul’dah and the like.

While nowhere as complex as nodes of my own making, I’m sure, ‘tis still enough of a clockwork presence to make me feel slightly at home on the island. The head mammet – I’ll just call it Furball since it wants to be so self-important and snarky all the time – said that there were more around the island.

If ‘tis so, then surely whoever put them here won’t notice if one should go missing for the sake of experimental science. ‘Twould be interesting to see what level of technical thinking the Sharlayans have achieved on their own.

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