^Doing the Dirty Work^

Posted on: September 8, 2022

Furball then showed me to an open clearing of land, stating that this would be the spot we’d begin our new form of civilization. However, unlike the far superior nodes of my time, the mammet had the audacity to indicate I was the one to do all of the dirty work in order to see it through.

They just don’t make them like they used to!

Furball basically gave me a shopping list of things to bring back – and by shopping, I mean scavenging with my bare hands! Oh, if Scylla could see me now… what would she say?

But not one to back down from a challenge, I set right to work. After forging down a narrow tunnelway, I got my glimpse at the wider island property. It was far bigger than I first thought it to be, for certain!

Thankfully, the fauna I ran across all seemed quite peaceful as I picked my way through the brush to find the required resources. Very soon, I returned to Furball bearing its request.

In quick order, the mammet instructed me on how to piece together a rough hatchet from the gifts of the earth. Not that I couldn’t have figured all that out on my own, mind you, but ‘twas fascinating to see rustic crafting first hand.

Furball then showed me an open plot of land, leveled and ready for further civilization.

Just as before, all that was needed were the proper building materials – resources I could now much more easily procure using my trusty new tool. Ah… progress!

And back out to doing more dirty work – this time it took much longer to meet the needs of the shopping list. But even into the night, I did not rest until my goal was obtained!

Once I finally brought back what was required, a literal swarm of mammets came out of nowhere – where were they hiding up until now? – plucking the materials and shaping something new with them right before my eyes.

Fast workers they were, indeed. And while I did have to do the dirty work, I was most glad to allow them the construction tasks. I’ve never been one for heavy lifting and building unless I absolutely needed to.

And once it was done… well… this apparently was the Coziest of Cabins.

Or at least, according to Furball ‘twas. I’ve witnessed cozier, but I admit, seeing such a fine structure built in so quick a turn-around, I was not going to complain. The mammet insisted this was my new home away from home.

I wonder how Scylla would like the cabin?

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