^Amon the Farmer^

Posted on: September 11, 2022

I was instructed to speak with another mammet up the hill a ways, and at my command, another swarm of clockwork came out of the trees to clear yet another space of land. This time, they went as far as to till it and set it up as private cropland.

I didn’t quite expect to be farming on an island, but I also don’t mind all that much. I’m more familiar with growing plants than you might think! Though here, apparently, the crop of the day was island pumpkins.

The mammets were generous enough to supply me with some seeds, which I quickly planted. I am under the impression that I’ll have to find my own seeds, however, going forward. ‘Tis fine. I’m sure there’s plenty to find across the island.

They also supplied me with a watering can.

Talk about old school methods! It did the job, though. And my first crops have been seeded and properly irrigated! We’ll see what comes of all this.

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