^We’re Ranching Now, Friends!^

Posted on: Septemeber 13, 2022

I was directed to yet another mammet – this one a bit more polite and enthusiastic – and once again, it summoned a swarm of worker mamments who went to town clearing out another spot of the island. This, the head mammet proclaimed, was pasture land for creatures.

“Creatures?” I asked in surprise.

First crops, now creatures.

I was then assured that the creatures that lived upon the island could be captured and brought to the pastures for my own means. Apparently, caring for these creatures produces resources – for what, I’m not sure just yet.

I was taught to fashion “traps” with which to capture said creatures. It looks more like a net of vines to me than anything else. And then I was tasked with carrying out a capture.

I found this fellow – a lemur – wandering amongst the other of its kind. His colors were strikingly different, which is what drew my eye.

And so I crept upon the unknowing soul, readied my rustic net, and popped it over the creature's head. Success! I had caught my first island fauna – ‘twas much easier than I expected, too.

Upon returning to the pasture, I found Lemur 1.0 (as I call him) wandering around within. I offered him some food, found him to be quite docile, and followed up with a few friendly pets.

I think he likes it here – or am I imagining things?

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