Spot of Simmery- 9: Tying the Knot

Plans for Iva and Enio's wedding were quickly underway. It was nothing large - just a gathering of folks from the community who came to see them give their vows in-house. However, it was not without its difficulty.

First, Iva came down with an illness right before time to exchange vows.

Not wanting her to be sick on the day of her wedding, I had her order medicine which took care of the situation quickly. However, within that time Enio had gotten bored. And what does an addicted techie do when bored?

Why, browse social media on his phone while standing at the altar, of course!

Once the attention of both bride and groom were once again gained, they managed to exchange rings...

And finally vows.

However, with so many people over at the house, using the facilities, somewhere in there, the toilet backed up and needed repair. So Iva decided to put her magic to work and cast the Repario spell, thinking that would take care of the situation.

Only... it didn't. Instead, the toilet caught on fire. During their reception.

Which caused all the attending Sims to pile in to see the spectacle.

Enio took charge then, ushering people out of the small enclosed place full of flames and noxious fumes. He then was able to put the fire out with no one harmed.

To add insult to injury, though, the toilet was then both scorched and still broken.

And the guests sorta milled around outside on the road for the rest of the event. It wasn't the best end to their biggest day.

But Enio and Iva had tied the knot, and the wedding bouquet on Enio's desk was proof of that!