Spot of Mummery Story Archive

Last Updated: 1-28-21

In ancient times, Amon was an infamous, immortal Technologist – one of the legends of the late Allagan Empire. However, when calamity strikes his civilization, he’s forced to place himself and the remaining Allagans into a time-locked sleep in order to survive. 

Fast forward many ages later when Amon and his people awaken once more. The world has drastically changed, and his kind is now deemed a threat. The heroic Alliance responded by sending a raid to eradicate the last Allagans, where Amon was ultimately defeated …or so the world thought.

Through his ingenuity and aetheric technology, Amon manged to cheat death. Only, things didn’t quite work out the way he planned.

Stripped of his magic and technological resources, Amon must now struggle to build a new life in a time long after the fall of his Empire. And if the people of this modern time discover who he once was, they would likely put an end to the last Allagan threat. 

  1. Coming Together
  2. Koh’s Q & A
  3. Memories from the Crystal Tower
  4. A Chocobo’s Tale
  5. Descent
  6. Restoration
  7. Yanxia
  8. Homecoming
  9. Ship Shape
  10. The Ancients
  11. Syrcus Tower
  12. Allagan Nightmare
  13. Allagan Explosion
  14. Change of Heart
  15. The Ride Home
  16. Coming to Terms
  17. Terms and Conditions
  18. Bits N Pieces
  19. Meltdown
  20. Flippin’ Tables
  21. Dour Diagnosis
  22. A Kinder Way
  23. A Paladin’s Dream
  24. Aether Sick
  25. To Build a Lab
  26. Within the Lab
  27. Ascent
  28. On the Mend
  29. Aetherflow’s Return
  30. Red Magery