Allagan Explosion – Part 2

This chapter was written in collaboration with Scylla.

The Elezen grit his teeth. Scylla was talking to him, at least, which meant he had a chance at conversation. She would be wise to his ways, and likely furious at him for his past transgressions… but some talk was better than no talk.

He fought down his own anger and bitterness at the situation. It was easier to hate her when she had that smirk on her face. When she was no longer the innocent lacking memories. Something useful to him.

Now she was an enemy. A dangerous one with all the means to finish the job the alliance of Warriors of Light began.

Amon put on a pitiful face, which wasn’t hard in this situation, head rolling back a bit.

“Azys Lla?” He croaked, his voice surprisingly hoarse. All the better for the part he wanted to play. “I’d wanted to see it again, but had no means to come here. I suppose if this should be my final hours, ’tis as good a place as any to pass.”

“Final hours?” Scylla burst into high pitched laughter as she pranced around, trying to recompose herself. “You really think I went through all the trouble of bringing you to this place to kill you?”

Her eyes turned angry as she stared back towards the teleportation module in the distance.

“Oh no… I have something much more delightful in mind for you.”

“Delightful? I doubt that’s as blissful as you make it sound, my dear,” Amon groaned again, feeling the slick metal rubbing a raw spot on his exposed elbows. Then he pointed out with a forced grin of his own, “At least you’re laughing for once. Shall my demise bring you that much pleasure?”

He’s baiting me. He’s trying to get me to change my mind.

The white mage closed her eyes as she approached the steps to the teleportation unit, swallowing down a small glint of guilt into the folds of painful memories.

“Perhaps I should ask you? Did my demise bring you that much pleasure?”

Ah, clever girl.

His grin turned a bit pained at her question. If this was going to be the end of the road, he may as well be blunt about things.

“Of course not,” Amon told her. “I earned no pleasure from your transfiguration. ‘Twas all for revenge, Princess. And revenge offers little in the way of pleasure. Cold satisfaction, perhaps, but not pleasure.”

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