Allagan Nightmare – Part 2

This chapter was written by Scylla.

Scylla swallowed, stepping backwards to the great entrance doors.  They towered above, tightly sealed in the background.

The doors! Amon figured out a way of opening them?

“Amon?”  Scylla called out, hearing her voice echo in the halls.  Fear bubbled up in her chest as she remembered the tales of the creatures that were found within.  A lone white mage would make a tasty morsel for hidden starving monsters.

“Amon, where are you?”  The white mage began to call out in an almost desperate tone, pulling her shirt around her shoulders.

Where is he?  He’s been leery to let me out of his sight, and now he abandons me in this forsaken place?

Scylla’s terror only grew as she thought she heard the sound of yowling out into the distance, beyond the first twin staircase.  She heard the clanging of something falling to the ground as the darkness began to stir.

“Amon!?”  Scylla cried out as she spun about in a panic.  “Where are you?”

~Foo-lissshhhh…~   A raspy, hoarse voice whispered from the shadows before her.

“Amon!” Scylla slid forward, reaching for an iron-laden staff at her back that wasn’t there. She pressed herself against the staircase railing as she continued forward, sweat beading against along her forehead.

“Show yourself right now! This isn’t funny!”


The telltale growls grew into a chorus of angry snarls and barking, matching the furious shout of the distorted feminine voice.

Scylla stumbled, falling backwards from her feet against the railings, covering her face in fear as she could hear the skittering of claws on the glass floor.

Oh no! The hounds!

A mass of tangled, drooling, giant armored hounds rose up from the shadows, towering a half-dozen man-heights above her.  It took more than a moment for Scylla to realize that it was a single creature, knitted together on a human form.  Collared glowing paws reached out to grab her and draw her in.

“SHITE!”  Scylla screamed in mixed terror and horror, as she pushed away from the creature, frantically yelling as she ran half blindly to the door. “AMOOOOON!!!!

The white mage slammed into the dark armor of faceless giant soldiers, who quickly wrestled her down to the ground.  Scylla fought viciously, but without a weapon, her blows didn’t even scratch the enchanted shadow-armor.

They dragged her back up the stairs, where the beast awaited her.  She struggled against the creatures, sure that she was next meal for this beastly giant creature.  She stared upwards at the six-headed wolf-beast-person, who seemed relaxed, leaning back on her haunches.  

It was as if a pack of wolves was haphazardly sewn onto a grotesquely overly sculpted woman’s torso.  The creature wore a mockingly revealing dark lavender dress that threatened to burst away into fur and claws, holding a large focus-topped staff.   

It sat there, tail sweeping back and forth along the crystal floor.

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