Intermission: Amon

Amon chose to remain with the rag-tag group he’d discovered during his return to the living world. Due to Zuri’s encouragement, they created a Free Company, which is based out of Gridania. He appears to be genuinely fond of his FC mates and continues to make emotional connections with them.

Aside from Koh/Noah and Ajir, he has not shared his identity with anyone else. He relies on the hope that the name “Amon” by itself won’t have much meaning to people who have mostly forgotten Allagan history.

Amon tends to feel a sense of peace in Gridania. Perhaps it’s a place that echoes his very early years, before he came to Syrcus Tower. It could even be that the area that is now the Shroud was his birthplace, but time and ever-changing world events makes it hard to determine. He spends much time there.

With the addition of Koh as a healer, their Free Company has been successful in obtaining many more local jobs and bringing in a surplus of Gil. Amon has invested in a set of Replica Allagan Gear for Archers/Bards, and chooses to wear it to blend in. He does have a bardic tunic and separate outfit he uses for performances, though he hasn’t needed to fall back on performing for Gil for a while.

Amon tends to wander the cities and observe quietly. Though he’s friendly when approached, he’s in a mostly hands-off observation mode. He’s recently gotten passage to Ishgard and is absorbing the strange new culture he finds there.

Curiosity about what passes as modern science has prodded Amon to join the Alchemy Guild. He humors Guildmaster Severian, and laments to see the massive loss of knowledge through the ages. It’s not unusual for him to secretly “improve upon” equations left written on the guild drawing boards.

Koh is trying to glean as much Allagan knowledge from Amon as she’s able. He works with her… up to a point. Then it becomes a joke to him and a frustration to her. Simple, harmless knowledge, Amon is pretty open to sharing, but anything beyond that, he refuses to release. He’s seen what happens when people walk those paths already.

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