Memories of Eld: 2-2

This chapter was written in collaboration with Scylla.

Amon knew drama and fibbery when he heard it. And Scylla was not the best at either. There was an element of truth to it somewhere, though.

“Oh, those ugly robes? I should be praised for improving upon them. ‘Tisn’t like they could get much worse, to be honest.” The boy retorted, folding his hands behind his head as if there wasn’t a worry in the world. “Figures your kind would fancy ugly clothes. They compliment your face.”

Of course, running off at the mouth was just his way of covering up his growing apprehension. At least he had a better idea as to what he was going to be called out on. Maybe, if given enough time, he could spin some yarn and get off the hook.

It just depended. The boy had never met her father before, so he didn’t yet know how clever a grown-up he was.

“You can take your conditions and serve them to your hounds,” Amon told her with a smirk. “Forestfolk don’t bow down to no snotty city nobles.” 

“Okaaaay…” Scylla gave a long pause and shrugged. “I’ll make sure to tell my father that your feelings about his kind.”

“For once I was actually trying to be nice to you…”  Scylla gave him a sigh.  “Figures you only just give me insults.”

“Sure. Nice. If threats are nice to you, I’d hate to see what mean is.” Amon just shrugged at that.

He fell silent as they walked further into the compound. It certainly was an impressive, very LARGE and well-kept homestead. Why did any one family need all of this space? Why weren’t there more trees?  

Gardens were pleasant, but they were hardly wild forest land. So much was missing in the city.

The boy fell quiet as he began to try to formulate an act to get him out of the situation he’d made for himself. If the grown-up was too smart, maybe he could turn on the tears and feign ignorance. That worked often enough with these soft city people.

Crying in front of Scylla was not his first choice, but if it got him off the hook, he would live with it. And if she said anything about it to anyone else, he had ways to get her back. 

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