Ship Shape – Part 4

This chapter was written in collaboration with Scylla.

Scylla had half a mind to reach up and remove the visor.

And the hat.

Possibly the head attached to it.

And send them all flying into the sea.

But then she remembered the ‘extra-special-individual-class’ on patient compassion that Brother E-Sumi-Yan had with her in the glade.  Three times over he had mentioned that her skill with healing was excellent, but that tying down the patient or knocking them out with a repose enchantment was not an acceptable way of getting compliance.

“Why can’t you remove the hat?”  She inhaled a deep breath as she examined his other hand.  “Do you need me to help you?”

It would just be so much easier just to put him to sleep!

Amon straightened, having a bit more time to formulate a response. He peered down at her with pursed lips and spoke quietly.

“Are there no rules for patient confidentiality amongst healers the conjurer’s guild? If we must discuss the… incident… I’d much prefer to do that in private.” He gave a glance at the crew who strode up and down the deck, paying them no mind. But it didn’t matter. “Same for the visor. I can remove it. I just prefer not to… in front of other people.”

Scylla just shook her head.

“Confidentiality? There is no confidentiality anywhere on this tiny little ship, Amon.”  Scylla frowned.

“Can’t you see that I am not the type of healer that you see holed up in a cushy treehouse in Gridiania.  We don’t have time for these luxuries out in the field.  I can’t have you dying on me out there in the wilderness, because I ignored a little symptom here and there.”

She gave him a pointed look, laying out her concerns in a blunt fashion.

“And lately, you’re acting as if you don’t trust me?” She narrowed her eyes, speaking her mind. “Perhaps some other, unpleasant memories have floated to the surface?”

Scylla poked the end of his fingers with a pricking-probe.

“How do I know that you aren’t my greatest enemy?”

“Your greatest wha– ow!” Amon jerked back as she poked his fingertips with a device. “You’re not supposed to make the pain worse, my dear!”

He finally did withdraw his hand with a soft huff.

“I’m not ailing, and I don’t think I’m going to die from this. If I do, then perhaps it’s long overdue,” the Bard muttered. “The self-same incident that took your memories is the one I’m referring to. Let’s just say was it a near-death incident for me. I was treated in much the same way you were, by those of the Conjurer’s Guild in Gridania. Kan-E-Senna herself gave me a clean bill of health.”

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