Syrcus Tower – Part 2

This chapter was written in collaboration with Scylla.

Scylla rushed to keep up with the bard, growing increasingly fearful as the pair dropped down into the stone foundation.  She could see why the labyrinth was named as such; paths split off every direction, with caverns and pitfalls of searing liquid flame.  Mounds of decaying demon-kin lay strewn about, the parts not stripped clean still buzzing with flesh-flies.


The name welled up from her subconscious mind as she examined at the horned skulls of the creatures.    She didn’t have time to question where it came from, before Amon was nearly out of sight again.   He was moving through the area with a furious determined pace, navigating through the maze… as if the place was familiar.

Could it be?  Could he really be telling the truth?  And if he is one of these Allag-demon-people, what does he plan on doing?

The white mage gripped her staff tightly, as she scurried up the rock-formations to follow.

There’s no one to help me here if he loses it… No Brother E-Sumi, no Koh, no one…

She cursed under her breath, trying to keep up with Amon’s steps.

Scylla, you’ve gotten yourself in really deep this time…

Amon glanced back at Scylla who was lagging behind. She was staring about at everything, not in the way that someone who knew the structure would. Thankfully. The last thing he needed was for her to come to her senses before he got her to do as he needed.

The Elezen silently mulled over what he would do once the path into the Tower was open. It had not been too difficult to lead Scylla this far, but he would still need to coax her inside once the gates were unlocked, and get her to one of the lab stations, which were all located on the upper floors.

Using his own tools would not be possible, he knew, since there was such a disparity between his stature of before and now. But surely one of the other labs would have the energy restraints and aetheric siphons he needed to extract the power he required from the white mage…

Just a little longer, Amon told himself. And despite all these thoughts, and the slight twinge of guilt that he shoved to the back of his mind for having them, he still managed to turn and look over his shoulder, offering Scylla a smile that held no hint of his predatory intentions.

“Are you feeling okay? Do you need to rest?” He asked, trying to sound honest and concerned.

“No, I’m not feeling okay.”  Scylla answered with a warning voice.

She slowed her pace a bit and stopped just short of the climb back up to the surface.  “You’ve never explained what -exactly- you needed me for.”

“And let’s just for the fact of the matter say that this isn’t all a delusion.” She furrowed her brows in growing concern.  “What exactly do you plan on doing if this all works?”

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