Amon of Syrcus

Alias(es): Amon, Amon of Allag (rarely used)

Age: Unknown, Looks deceptively young

Name Day: 32nd Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
(December 31st)

Birthplace: Unknown, Possibly somewhere
in the modern-day Shroud

Residence: Lavender Beds – Apartment,
Shirogane – FC House 

Gender: Male

Race: Elezen

Height: 6’10” (208cm)

Weight: 224lbs (101kg)

Eyes: Gold

Hair: Silver

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

After the Great Raid

He’s the revived form of the fallen Allagan Technomancer, Amon. However, not everything is going as he planned.

In order to survive the raid on Syrcus Tower, Amon transferred his soul into a clone of his younger self. However, this cloned form was too weak to support the power he once commanded in his previous life, and the ritual he used to revive himself had detrimental effects, including sealing away his aether. 

Life in Eorzea

It was only a chance run-in with the dragon Midgardsormr that unlocked this aether seal. However, once Amon’s aether was released, the corrupted and wild nature of the energy became an increasing danger to himself. This was temporarily held in check by a aether filter built into a choker created for him.

Amon has made a home for himself within a Shirogane-based Free Company. There, he assists the FC with minor missions and odd jobs to help monetarily support it. He also sometimes busks and performs for a little gil on the side.

Rivals and Schemes

This life was mostly peaceful until the discovery of his once-rival the Allagan Archmage, Scylla. Imitating Amon’s clone project, Scylla also managed to survive the raid in the Tower by transferring her soul into a clone of herself. However, the imperfect nature of the transfer left her temporarily without memory of her past.

Seeing this, Amon took advantage of Scylla’s amnesia episode to persuade her to travel to Syrcus Tower. He saught to use her royal blood as means of unlocking the Tower, with all intentions of transferring the power of the royal blood to himself afterwards.

Only… the Tower did not open for Scylla. Instead, she was granted memories of her past. In realizing she had been caught up in Amon’s scheme, she struck at him viciously, thinking at first to punish him for all of the agony the Technologist put her through.

However, Scylla was unable to go through with her revenge, and instead, both Allagans were apprehended and taken back to their Free Company. They were placed under the watch of Benjamin Ya, by orders of the Gridanian Council, and also banned from Azys Lla and Mor Dhona.

Aether Threat

For a time, Scylla and Amon both struggled to co-exist within the same living environment. But eventually, Scylla learned of Amon’s aether illness, and that it was slowly becoming more and more life-threatening.

Trained as a healer during her time in Gridania, Scylla struggled with her healer’s instincts as they clashed with her desire to strike back against her old rival. However, in the end, she assisted Amon in building the aether transferal device that would eventually carry out the procedure that saved his life.

Life Anew

Amon survived the aether procedure, but at great price. His road to recovery was long as he had to allow natural aether restoration processes take place. The once powerful and proud Allagan Technologist found himself having to rely upon the kindness of others to do the most simple of day-to-day things.

Amon had also sworn off his endless struggle to return to the Tower and regain his previous power and status. But turning over a new leaf, even for him, is rarely a clear-cut path.

On top of it all, he’s discovered a new sort of unusual feeling for his once hated rival, Scylla. Bearing witness to her selflessness, courage and dedication, he can’t help but admire her… or maybe it’s something more than merely admiration.