Aether Sick – Part 3

This chapter was written in collaboration with Scylla.

“An understanding.” Scylla took her fingers, placing them behind his ears, and tracing down to his shoulders.  “It’s not safe to talk about the past, the connections between you and I… people get hurt.  Maybe this time it was just us… but what about Koh, Zuri, and the others?”

She swallowed, fingers shaking unsteadily.

“Since we must co-exist, it’s just best if we forget that you know me as anything else other than a healer.”  Scylla looked down at the side of the bed, avoiding Amon’s gaze.

He opened his mouth at this unusual and unexpected request. Was that the Scylla he once knew talking, or this superimposed and mis-placed girl who woke in Eorzea with no memory of her past… now grappling with the dark truths?

“Mmm…” Amon finally said, not in an unkind tone. “What you really mean is – you’re comfortable pretending you aren’t who you were, and would prefer to wash your hands of it all.”

He shook his head slowly.

“’Tisn’t so easy for me, I’m afraid. Everything of meaning I’ve ever done, everything I am… is locked to my past.”

His gaze lingered on the soft lines of her face, thinking about Koh’s words, and of the pain he caused. Did he blame her for wanting to forget? All that lay in her recent past was torment and torture.

“But I can pretend if that’s what you really yearn for. I am, if nothing else, an actor.”

“Yes.  The princess died long ago…” She spoke with little emotion, voice hardly a mumble.  “If you must act, then do it. Let her be buried and dead along with her family and all that she knew.” Her fingers traced down over to the choker.  She winced, feeling the instability of the energies threatening to burst free from his form. 

Ben was right… this is life-threatening….

“Information came back on your condition.” She sat by Amon and spoke quietly, looking in his eyes.  “How much do you want to know…?”

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