Aetherflow’s Return – Part 2

This chapter was written in collaboration with Scylla.

Amon settled down to the meal, trying to guess at Scylla’s state of mind. That would determine how freely he felt to talk about things he’d seen and done that day. 

“Meh,” he answered digging into the greens first. “Some parts of it were enjoyable. Other parts, not so much.” 

The Elezen frowned just thinking about how things had unfolded in Mor Dhona. How the Tower’s sleeper was free, but the Tower itself was still locked away from the world as if it had committed some terrible crime. 

He ventured into his thoughts a bit and told her, “’Tis still things happening around the Tower. Things that the Sons don’t want people to know about. I caught wind that G’raha Tia is awake again. I needed to find the truth for myself… so I did. And he is.” 

“So you did go to Mor Dhona!” Scylla shook her head, struggling to calm her voice.  “Amon? What were you thinking?” 

She took the turban shell and pointed it at him. “Don’t you know that they are watching us?”

Amon shrugged, popping a piece of snail in his mouth and chewing. “Aye, but so what? If we are truly free to do as we please, then I shall do as I please. I did nothing wrong.”

Okay, so he’d done nothing wrong… but had thought about doing bad things. It had come pretty close, too.

On the flip side, he was still shaken about how quickly his thoughts had drifted to cruelty. The fact that it bothered him had to mean something, right?

The Elezen covered up his unease by digging further into the dish. It was as good as he’d been led to believe it would be. 

Although she had not taken but a few bites, Scylla’s appetite had already started to wane.  She stirred her rice and vegetables around. 

“Aye… so you shall do as you please…”  

She reflected his words to him, gaze turned down to her plate as the images of mad Allagan technologist danced on the edges of her mind. 

“Have you ever listened to yourself, Amon? What your words mean to others?”

Scylla pushed away the food, putting her hands in her head and pulling her cheeks downward as she continued to mumble a warning.  She wasn’t hungry anymore.

“We are being watched, Amon.  And the unwanted truth is that you are just as dangerous as you were when I first met you.”

She didn’t notice her hands were shaking, her gaze averted in a deep-seated fear that she didn’t want to show.

“They were watching. They saw it.  Your aether-flow is returning.”

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