Ascent – Part 3

This chapter was written in collaboration with Scylla.

“The machine is ready, but you are not.” Scylla reached over for an Allagan injector vial, and held Amon’s arm straight as she plunged the needle into his upper forearm.  Powerful relaxants and painkillers rushed into his arm. She didn’t know how much it would help.  It never stopped those with aethersickness from screaming as they melted away from a raging internal fire.

“This will help with the pain, Amon.  Now, try to relax and breathe as deeply as possible.” 

Her voice was shaky and unsure, but she tried to reassure her patient, holding his hand.  Scylla looked up at Ben and gave a nod towards the machine. 

“Okay.  Let us proceed.”

Whatever she’d just injected into his arm hit Amon like a ton of rotten food on a bad performance night. His senses, usually so under his control, went into complete spasms, alternating from hardly hearing to smelling odd odors to having a rather… pleasant… taste in his mouth. 

Amon couldn’t help but chuckle a little at the strange rush of sensations he experienced as his broken cloned body tried to make sense of the serum. 

“I could have used a shot of that sooner,” the Allagan crooned, his words slurring a bit. 

Ben pursed his lips and looked at Scylla, “At least he’s starting to relax.” 

The mage brought the blank crystal closer to Amon’s chest, his green eyes flicking over to her. Something within them asking if SHE was ready. 

“Remove his choker, then be ready to help me contain the aether flow. I’m not sure how it will respond after having been suppressed for so long,” Ben warned. 

Scylla bit her lip, taking a deep breath as she looked up at Ben.  They had rehearsed this several times, though now, Amon lay prone in front of her. She reached around the back Amon’s neck, fingers pressing against the clasp with one hand, and her other palm outstretched over his chest.  As she slowly peeled away the choker, she could feel the pressures of the dark aether boil and bubble below his very being.

“Here we go…”  With a deliberate motion, Scylla pulled away the choker, almost frightened that Amon would dissolve away to dust as it slipped away from his skin.

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