Coming to Terms – Part 5

This chapter was written in collaboration with Scylla.

Scylla raised an eyebrow, waiting for a flurried response back… some sort of defense. It was confusing when she saw him just stare at the ground.   She was wondering if he might even cry, but she doubted if he had the ability to shed tears, or even to feel to that level.

“But you see… that’s just it.”  The white mage continued. “I can’t do that to you.”

“The forsaken node was right.”  Scylla muttered in self-defeat. “I wouldn’t have had the nerve to reform you into a biopellet.”

“You will be returned, no doubt… to face justice.  Your judgement will come at the hands of your peers… in your original homeland in the elemental glades. They might lock you up and throw away the key, or do something else entirely.” Scylla frowned, turning to look at Amon, face hidden under his long white mane.

“And I hate it, because I know in time, this act will end, and another will start… as it has always been with you, Amon.”  The white mage mused.  “The prelude to the next act has already began.  You’ve been working hard on building trust.  I think Ben is convinced that you really do feel remorse for the events that transpired.”

“Did you use the same convincing sweet voice with him that you used with my family when you told them the deep remorse you felt at the passing of your respective rival?”  Scylla began to stutter as she held back tears, the holo-vid flashing in her mind.  

“Apparently you were convincing enough… they never suspected a thing.”

Amon grit his teeth.

The blasted woman was practically demanding him to show signs of weakness… That infernal softness (for lack of a better word) that he’d been fighting against, but had slowly trickled into his mannerisms since he got involved with these Eorzeans.

He’d worn a mask for so long, it was a struggle to know how much of it was real, even for himself.  Meeting new people. Friendships. Battling and overcoming things together. Promises made. Traveling to new lands… beginning to see things in a different way.

“Much… has happened since I’ve returned to these lands.” The Elezen said in a subdued tone. “I, too, find myself unable to carry out acts that I may have not thought twice about in the Tower.”

Amon turned to her somberly.

“I don’t know what happened to you during the raid on the Tower, but I died. Not a near-death thing. I fully died.”

He lifted a hand to show it to her. It shook slightly, despite his will to keep it still.

“When I next knew myself, I was this. My thoughts and memories were shoved into a tiny clone of who I used to be. That had gone as planned… but… I…”

Amon moved his hand to touch his cheek.

“I did not realize a form not fitted with all those years of alterations would change so many things. Even the way I think. I look back at it and now I can see…”

He shook his head.

“How all that I did to myself… the power twisted me. What I thought at the time was glorious… was just…”

His voice dropped to a whisper.


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