Anything You Can Do… Part 6

This chapter was written in collaboration with Scylla.

With a sharp exhale, she released the aether into focus.  It lit up, sending streams of color into a burst of light.  Scylla’s eyes widened as she struggled with the captured energies as her control slipped. With anything but grace, she stumbled and fell backwards into the Elezen behind her, sending the energies forward in a sprawling messy display of crackling lightning. 

Amon’s eyes widened as he saw the flickering warning just before the cast. Scylla had, indeed, successfully gathered and spun the aether, but perhaps had not been ready for a release of that magnitude.

For a moment, he almost thought to call out in victory! See here! She still had some archemagic aetheric abilities!

But any celebratory thoughts were cut short as Scylla came barreling back, slamming square into his chest. Amon stumbled backwards from the force as the release of Scylla’s lightning struck out the opposite way. At the dummy. At a tree. At the wall of the house. At the bucket of water, which ended up blasted skyward.

Out of instinct, Amon caught his rival in their backwards trajectory, seeking to shield them both from the unexpected blast. They ended up rolling a few times across the lawn, some of the grass smoldering in darkened spots, mildly threatening to blaze.

The Elezen wheezed encouragingly, trying to catch the breath that had been knocked out of him. “’Twas… a step in the right direction…” 

Scylla letting out a cough, trying spitting out the metallic taste that the spell had left in her mouth.  It had happened so fast, and now she was left splayed on the lawn, with little crackling bits of grass all around her.

Did that come from me?

To her side was Amon, wheezing from the unexpected blast with a smile between dirt and grass smudged cheeks.  Scylla gave a small smile, brushing off her knees before offering the prone Elezen an open hand.


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