Terms & Conditions – Part 6

This chapter was written in collaboration with Scylla.

Scylla picked herself out of the chair and nodded with a smile.  “Well then, if that’s it – it’s been nice knowing all of you…”

She scurried over to the door to leave, hurriedly shaking Mocho’s hand as she turned towards the entrance, only to find Ben.

The Elezen mage’s visage, and his six and a half fulm-high measure seemed to indicate that leaving was not an option.

She sighed and sat down on the corner of the table.

“I suppose that means those conditions… apply to both of us.”

Ben nodded slowly.

“You may have the blessings of the Spirits, but your trip to the Tower and to Azys Lla has the Gridanians understandably concerned. They recognize that you both hold knowledge of activating ancient technology and the ability to travel to these locations… even though you didn’t have clearance to do so.”

Noah shook her head at this statement, but didn’t add anything to it.

“I know it’s hard to play by the rules when you’re used to making the rules,” Ben told them. “And neither the Elder Seedseer and Guildmaster want to cage you. In fact, I think they’re curious. The truth is, you both can offer Eorzea much, and I think they realize there’s an opportunity to work with you.”

Amon rolled his eyes, “Cut to the chase, mage.”

Ben shot him a quiet look. “I’ve been hired to oversee you.”

“Oh, so no more spies?” The Bard glared down at Mocho, who paled even further. “Yes, I knew about you.”

The Lalafell took a deep breath, mulling on how to respond.

“Save it,” Amon told him, face softening a bit. “We both have done things we aren’t proud of. You don’t have anything to explain to me.”

Mocho looked a bit relieved of that, but he didn’t get a chance to say so.

“No more spies,” Ben rerouted the conversation. “But they want you watched. Both of you. And since I can only be in one place at one time, that means I need you to be able to function in some sense of co-existence. The alternative… is probably a lot less pleasant.”

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